How to make curls without curlers and curling irons ?

How to make curls without curlers and curling irons ?

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How to make curls without curlers and curling irons?

Curly and wavy hair - the dream of every girl.They give the image of femininity and sexuality.But what to do to owners of straight hair to create the right image, how to make curls without curling or using curlers?Quite a lot of options, and the choice is yours.


This type of perm will provide you with beautiful curls, but at the same time you will get a large number of side effects, such as loss and damage to the hair, the loss of light.Good perm can make you a professional hairdresser.


To get the original wave without curlers, wet hair in a tight braid should spike, pre-treating them with locking means.After drying the hair unravel and sprayed hairspray.This hairstyle looks very good on medium length hair.


necessary to braid pigtails usual, dividing hair into strands, moisten them with foam or mousse and leave to dry for a while.Then you need to untwist and straighten your curls.Remember, the more braids, the less hair, less - so they are bigger and more beautiful.These curls look good on long and thick hair.


If you have at hand was not curling, and weave the braid you do not know, take a look at this method, as the tightening of flagella.

First we need to wash your hair, a little dry and process the locking means: gels, mousses.The next step is the separation of the hair into locks.Then we begin to wind each strand on the finger as long as the hair will not curl up in a bun.For all other strands We perform the same actions.We fix the wiring invisible: in this case, you can avoid wrinkles hair.The time of formation of curls depends on the type of your hair: the obedient hair, the less time you will need.It should be noted that the more locks you select, the more will get curls.Among the shortcomings can be distinguished one - a painful twist of hair at night, because you can damage the invisible skin of the head.

Using soft hoop

curls without curling can be done using a soft wrap.To do this, pick up a suitable soft circular hoop (it can be purchased at any store, and it is used mainly for the hair in the Greek style).We put the hoop on the hair and begin to pass through locks beneath his gum.During the installation periodically sprayed with lacquer hair.Note that in this case do not tighten the strands from the roots, but the waves still being formed.

Using twister

If you want to get big waves or curls, you can easily use a special hairpin-twister, which basically is necessary in the course of creating a beautiful beam.To start collecting hair on top, pulls them to the twister, gently twisting the ends, and leave for a few hours.Dissolving the hair, flatten them with your hands and sprinkled with fixing means.

Use baby wipes

To make the curls without the use of curlers, use ordinary baby wipes.Purchase a package of children's wet wipes, and then prepare for the start of the hair: wash, air dry and apply foam.Then divide the hair into strands and start to cheat on the side with which you are comfortable.Screw the hair on the cloth in the same way as in ordinary curlers, but as fixators will serve the ends of the napkins, we will be tying a knot later.When all the locks will be tightened once again walk on them foam.With such "Curlers" you can sleep without fear for the hair and scalp.The next morning, unwind your locks, and you get a gorgeous curls.Secure them with varnish and assemble a suitable hairstyle.