How to put your hair?

How to put your hair?

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How to put your hair?

want to change their way to owners of any hair length.To do this, they try on a multitude of different hairstyles and hair styling.But before you put your hair, you should look for if you have to face a new styling?Also, to obtain more varied hairstyles, you need to take care of several types of combs, hair dryer, gel, mousse, ironing and other accessories.

Puts short hair

Lover short haircuts are free to express themselves and to look elegant, you need to learn just a few styling tricks.Moreover lay hair at home, and can be using very simple means.

For everyday hairstyles should apply mousse for laying on clean dry hair, and lifted their round brush from the roots.As a result, you get a natural volume.

for extravagant hairstyles should be to comb strands at the crown and back of the head, after which they need to fix the paint.Looks great hair when the hair is smoothly stacked on the front side parting and fixed a hairpin or rim, then the crown should be much to comb.

Evening laying

To quickly put the hair and give the hair the evening views need to sprinkle them with water from a spray bottle, and rub between the fingers wax or gel and tousle hair.You can also move the fingers in different directions, lifting and twisting strands.Then the tip of the comb or fingers should be given the necessary direction strands, as hair will look complete and well thought-out, and the folding takes only 5 minutes.This hairstyle is perfect for a party or a night club, and to get a more sophisticated version, which will be appropriate for a hike in the theater, you can make a wave of Marseille.To do this, divide the hair into a side parting and generously moisten them shiny gel.Then it is necessary to fix the wave after wave of clips.It is worth noting that the smooth curves, you can create a comb and fingers.Once hair is dry, remove the clamps and fix her hair lacquer.Hairstyle is ready.

Puts medium hair

Many do not know how to style your hair, medium length, preferring instead a beautiful styling to build your wealth in a ponytail or simply dismiss them.Meanwhile, very nice on such hair will look hairstyle of small curls, to be sprinkled with varnish to fix pins on the edges and put on a beautiful slim bezel.You'll look like a Roman goddess.

to create a business hairstyle should divide the hair parted in the middle to tie on each side ponytails and wrap them with thin strands.Moreover, the front should be left loose curls and slightly fix them gel.

Many of the fair sex do not know how you can put the average length of the hair, to give them the missing amount.A solution is quite simple, they can be screwed into large curlers.If you hair is cut short flight of stairs, then to give them more enthusiasm, you need a hairdryer and brush to spin out the tips and if you want romance, then twist the ends should be inside.

For medium length hair the best option hairstyles - this stage, as it allows you to give the hair volume.This is especially decorate those whose hair is not very thick.

Nobility image can make a side parting and smoothly coiffed hair to the tips curled down.Place the beautiful medium length hair can be mischievous and hair, you only need to fix the individual strands randomly from above, and the tips using gel to comb and place.

Evening laying

to lay hair medium length hair in the evening, you will need pliers and means for heat styling hair.small diameter forceps to do careless curls, holding them vertically.Then twist the ends of hair tongs inside a large diameter.To fix the hairstyle should use heat styling lotion, and if you did not find this, in order to preserve the volume is fine and light mousse.

Beautiful evening laying out, if you divide the hair into two equal parts, the rear part should be raised up, roll up and secure with a sea shell.After that, the front part of the hair is required to wind to large curlers and then put before the assembly locks and lock hair hairspray.

Puts long hair

Long hair, as if specially designed for hairdressers created their masterpieces.They can come up with many diverse pilings, and each day a new look and stunning.

Casual options pilings

Before you put your hair, first apply the foam to the hair needs styling or gel.After that, they should comb his head down and do a little bouffant, hair gathered in a ponytail.Then you need to take one strand and wrap its tail base.Unwanted hair can be removed with the help of the invisible.After that hair to fix with varnish.You can also just put utjuzhkom hair, and so they are not scattered, they should apply a little styling cream.The easiest way to put long hair is a braid.But to give it originality, it is necessary to braid, shifting slightly to the side, or held out by head diagonally.Spit can even braid is not to end, and leave the ends long to comb them.

elegant way

to create an elegant image that should be placed on top of a thorough bouffant strands, and then assemble them into a bun and wrap it with tape or put on a bright rim.A front is quite possible to let a few strands.

Now you know how to put hair.