How to cure dandruff ?

How to cure dandruff ?

With dandruff symptoms in varying degrees faced by many.The reasons for its occurrence can be very different.

Types of dandruff

It is also necessary to know that dandruff is divided into fatty and dry.

oily dandruff

glands secrete sebum head in excess over the required number.This color active breed fungi.They are covered by the sebum.They form a kind of growths.These fungal growths and cause itching on the scalp and hair, starting to peel off.These scales are called oily dandruff.

Dry dandruff

Sebum is produced is not enough.There is a risk of dry dandruff.The scalp dryness starts to peel off and appear the proverbial scales, spoiling the mood and give rise to all kinds of complexes.

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Treatment of dandruff shampoos

Is so strenuously advertised shampoos help?They are often called upon to deal only with the symptoms of the disease (as dandruff or seborrhea - is the disease) rather than its root causes!These tools effectively remove pieces of leather - flakes - but do not affect the fungus, a suspending effect.Gradually, the fungus gets used to the new factors and ignores the means.Best of all, if you start to use a shampoo antifungal and antimicrobial action, bought at the pharmacy.


The surest way to fight dandruff - drugs.They do not act on the symptoms, namely, the fungus that causes disease.The effect may not be immediately apparent, step by step.But at least the use of drugs can guarantee you getting rid of dandruff for some time, if not forever.The only condition - the consultation with the doctor.


  • How to cure dandruff is popular?Prepare an infusion of nettle.Brew a big spoon leaves of the plant in a glass of boiling water (you can carry out this operation in a thermos) and let it brew for a day.Then we filter.Apply the mask (rubbing tincture into the scalp and hair for the night) for two months every day or two.Dandruff has to go.
  • juice of onion (large spoon) is mixed with 50 grams of vodka.To rub the solution into the scalp and hair before washing.
  • mask from the eggs and honey: egg yolk, honey, aloe, vegetable oil, mix one to one.The resulting mixture rub the head for half an hour before washing.

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