How to cure psoriasis ?

How to cure psoriasis ?

Our article is devoted to the treatment of psoriasis.From this disease no one is safe, and there is also a genetic predisposition to the disease.Sometimes, the body may fail, and body appear scaly patches.The disease brings a lot of problems, especially in aesthetic terms.

Find out more information about psoriasis, you will be able to in the article What is psoriasis, but from this article you will learn how to cure psoriasis medicine and folk remedies.

medications for psoriasis

Specialists Dermatologists (namely, a dermatologist should contact if you are worried about psoriasis) recommend the use for the treatment of psoriasis special ointments and some disinfecting agents - this is often enough to achieve very consistent results in the treatment.As a decontaminant (to eliminate possible fungal infection) applies Fukortsin and ointments from select D-panthenol, and Naftaderm Triderm.

D-panthenol is used to treat pulmonary forms of the disease, Naftaderm - stronger medication (petroleum-based), which, in combination with another ointment Triderm often gives excellent results, eliminating the symptoms are more severe forms.The treatment of these ointments is: usually begins with alternation fukortsinom and D-panthenol, that is, for example, in the morning smeared affected areas fukortsinom, day cream is applied in the evening - again Fukortsin, and at night - again, D-panthenol.

If this does not give a special effect, it has been used for Triderm and Naftaderm - also in a pair, but the alternation goes 3 times a day - Naftaderm can be applied morning and evening for the night, and Triderm - day.Smear need to complete disappearance of flaking in affected areas.You will notice that the skin was smooth, although it may look like it darkened.If this therapy has no effect, it is necessary to see a specialist for further treatment.

How to eliminate the causes of the disease

We also note that these methods are used to eliminate the external manifestations of the disease and to eliminate the causes of psoriasis need to use other methods.It is, for example, pay attention to what kind of food you eat.For the treatment of psoriasis should avoid fatty, salty and spicy.This is due to additional loads such food on the body, and so that is not easy, because very often the cause of psoriasis is stress and a variety of neurological disorders.Learn more about nutrition you can from our article Diet for psoriasis.

That is why you need to pay attention to some easy antidepressants (eg, valerian tincture or Leonurus).In addition, experts often recommend anti-allergic agents and as various forms of allergy may complicate the course of the disease and even cause it - and here again need a specialist to help identify the specific cause of the disease.And now a few words about folk remedies, which well help in mild forms of psoriasis.

Traditional medicine

psoriasis treatment decoctions and infusions is very effective for mild form of psoriasis, and often at an average, when there is not only peeling, but small sores on the affected areas.Of course, strong ointments can achieve a stable remission (recovery without a return of symptoms), but traditional medicine and in some cases can be very useful.Here are a few proven recipes.

Herbal decoction

In order to prepare a special broth, it is necessary: ​​

  • 2 tbsp.l.Rhododendron tomentosum;
  • 2 tbsp.l.centaury;
  • 1.5 Art.l.Viola tricolor;
  • 1 tbsp.l.dymyanki;
  • 3 tbsp.l.ungulates.

Pour boiling water over the herbs and leave for an hour.Ready broth take during the day (small portions).If you have heart problems are present, remove Asarum.

Alcohol solution

And here is another useful prescription for psoriasis:

  • 80g Sophora flowers;
  • 2 glasses of vodka (qualitative).

Infuse the mixture should be quite a long time - at least a month (in addition, in a dark place).Take the infusion should be ready before meals for one teaspoon (3 times a day).If you for some reason can not drink alcohol, or you do not want to pour boiling water over the flowers of Sophora.Insist best broth in a thermos, leaving it on overnight.

decoction of maize stigmas

also no less useful broth of corn stigmas, and it can be prepared as follows.

  • Buy into a series of pharmacy, cranberry leaf, nard, field horsetail and chop them (follow the proportions according to the instructions on the packaging).
  • Add to this mixture, 1 tbsp.l.the following herbs: flowers of elderberry, corn silk.
  • Fill grass with warm water, then bring the mixture to a boil.
  • Insist about 1 hour.Take half a cup of decoction should, at any time, several times a day.The course of the treatment - at least a month.

also useful to make a lotion to the affected areas of the body.The pack can be done according to the following recipe.It is necessary to make a very strong decoction of yarrow (1 cup of herbs, 3 cups of boiling water).Insisting be about 2 hours.Moisten the swab in a broth, wipe the necessary parts of the body.

How to make an ointment for psoriasis

independently produce the ointment is very simple: for that you need the most ordinary products.Here are three recipes ointments.

  • Take butter (200 g), 0.5 cups of vinegar, 1 egg, stir the ingredients and store in the refrigerator for a week.Lubricate the affected area this ointment every day.After its absorption, apply salicylic ointment.
  • celandine root finely chop (to get 1 cup) and pour a glass of alcohol 1.5.To insist broth for about a week, then mix it with 0,5 glass of fish oil (or melted lard).Use the swab to grease stains resulting ointment on the body.
  • 150 grams oak bark crushed into powder, 2 tbsp.l.Chamomile pour in the melted butter (200g), boil 5 minutes on low heat, add powdered oak bark and leave for another 15 minutes.The hot mixture strain using gauze, and when cool, rub the affected area daily.Ointment can be stored in a refrigerator.

to alleviate the condition and relieve the itching you can also help a variety of herbal baths.To do this well will approach decoction of chamomile, celandine, succession.Also, in addition to ointments and concoctions, there are other medicines for the treatment of psoriasis, which you can learn from our article How to treat psoriasis.