How to cure a wound ?

How to cure a wound ?

Let's start with the usual wounds.When the body is damaged, the main thing - immediately remove any foreign objects which, when wound could get into the wound.If the damage is extensive, as are a number of people have no medical training and do not know what to do, they can even disinfect boric alcohol or salicylic acid.Apply iodine or Zelenka is undesirable - the wound may be deep, and these drugs can cause burns that heal are very long.

To stop the flow of blood, you will need a compressive bandage.So how to cure a wound deep penetration alone is not possible, call the doctors as soon as possible.However, even such primitive measures taken in a timely manner, to help speedy healing.

How to cure purulent wound

  • festering usually treated under close medical supervision.This does not stop to assist medicine proven traditional methods.One of the ways how to cure a wound that had time to fester, are the gadgets of aloe juice or lubricate them well.Not bad for this purpose is suitable and cranberries.
  • None of these plants at your fingertips - on poshar'te cellar and a fridge.Blood crust and pus formed eliminates bad sauerkraut, as well as its brine.
  • for fast healing of festering people have long been used carrot as purulent wound to cure it can in a few days.Pounded leaves of the root is also quite cope with this task.
  • cure festering wound will help honey, mashed with unsalted bacon in a ratio of 6 to 2. Damage should be initially cleaned and disinfected, and then apply a bandage.Changing it once a day, you can achieve a complete cleaning and rapid healing within a week.
  • than hard way how to cure the wound with pus - to make the ointment of equal parts of goat fat and chopped onion plus a half dose of salt.All it frays and the composition is placed on a wound.Initially, the victim will be very painful, it is an ointment draws out the pus.But then it heals the wound quickly.

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For quick healing

Ironically, this helps a stinging nettle.Naturally, in dried form.Gather only leaves without stalks are dried in the sun (with a shortage of time, you can use slightly heated oven with door ajar).Dry nettle is ground into a powder, which wound and falls asleep.With such a powder ulcers overgrown very quickly.It is enough to use it once a day.About what methods can still be used, read more in the article How to speed up healing.