How to cure a bruise ?

How to cure a bruise ?

When you hit very often appear bruising.And it happens because the blood vessels burst.However, you can speed up the process of healing, and it can be done in several ways.

From this article you will learn how to cure a bruise or even prevent its occurrence.

methods of treatment of bruises on his face

hematomas are about a week, but if they are formed on the body, they have to wait resorption about a month.However, there are ways to reduce this time, and after a few days it will be possible to put on your favorite blouse or a skirt.Read more about getting rid of bruises in our article How to remove bruises.

Cabbage leaf and ice

If you just hit it, to prevent the appearance of a bruise help cabbage leaf.His need to knead slightly and apply to the site of impact.You can also apply ice to the hematoma.Due to the cold burst blood vessels shrink, and thus be able to prevent bruising.In addition, you can use the elastic bandage, putting it on the point of impact.Haematoma, if it appears, is not so wide.

Pharmaceutical preparations

good remedy for bruises is a cream with vitamin P. They should be lubricated several times a day a hematoma, in which case it will be much faster.In addition, the results provide good products in which there is an extract of chestnut and heparin.

If you have a bruise, you can use a pepper patch, then after a few hours the hematoma will be less noticeable.However, it can apply only 24 hours after the stroke.

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Warm compresses

soon recovery from bruising promote warm compresses and warmer.Here only necessary to apply them for 20 minutes three times a day.You will find that after 3 days the hematoma disappears.To process went faster, it is recommended to make a bruise mashed marigold flowers.

Beets with honey

cure hematoma can be, rubbed on a fine grater red beets, mix it with the same amount of honey and put it on the bruise with a thick layer.After that you can put on top of a cabbage leaf, cover with polyethylene and fix bandage.After 3 days of the hematoma will be forgotten.

Potato starch

You can try to get rid of bruises, using potato starch.A small amount is required to dilute with water to make a thick paste.Apply a thick layer of starch to hit the spot and let it sit for a few hours.

Salt compress

Few people know, but the resorption of bruises can help ordinary salt.Tablespoon of salt to be dissolved in 100 ml of water.Then soak in this solution, gauze, cloth or a cotton swab and apply to the hematoma.Keep a need to compress the maximum possible time.The procedure should be repeated thrice a day.

When the bruise appears on the face, to hide this fact very difficult, but you can try to remove it.In this you can help our article bruise on his face: how to get rid of.