How to get rid of warts ?

How to get rid of warts ?

beautiful clear skin - this is not only aesthetically important part of the exterior of each individual, but also the guarantee of a healthy body.Unfortunately, despite the huge number of articles on clean skin problem, the question of how to quickly get rid of warts, many people are interested.We will tell about the main types of warts, as well as traditional and non-traditional methods of getting rid of them.

With the advent of various skin tumors first thing to do - is to consult a doctor.There are several changes that occur with warts, for which a doctor's appointment becomes mandatory.The main cause of warts is a papilloma virus.To recover from the outside it is quite possible, but in order to get rid of warts permanently, it is important to find the cause of and cure the virus inside.Usually the virus is transmitted through mikroporezy or cracks on the surface of the skin due to contact with a person already possessing them.

One should consult a doctor if:

  • observed sizing, shape or color of a wart;
  • color patchy warts;
  • boundaries and fuzzy edges of the wart;
  • wart constantly sore or injured often;
  • number of warts is constantly increasing;
  • observed bleeding or itching warts;
  • wart was found in the genital area.

Types of warts

There are several types of warts:

  • Ordinary.This type is a tight knot in size from 3 to 10 diameter and skin-colored and painless for the wearer.
  • flat.This type is similar to the small bundle, which practically does not protrude above the skin.
  • Plantar.These warts are somewhat similar to corn bundle filamentary papillae delivering pain when stepping on them.
  • Genital warts.Genital warts are a bright pink color and a spicy finish.
  • Senile warts usually not associated with a virus, but merely serve as a consequence of aging.They have the form of plane plaques measuring up to 2 cm., Various shapes, brown or gray.

Despite the differences existing wart, treatment is basically quite similar.

warts treatment using traditional medicine

Freezing with liquid nitrogen cryosurgery or

on the wart, liquid nitrogen is applied for 20-30 seconds.After about an hour on the site of application of a substance to form a bubble which disappears after 5-7 days.How to get rid of plantar warts?We'll have to go through a re-treatment, 2-3 times.

laser coagulation

Removing warts with a laser.The patient is under local anesthesia.A small indentation remains after the removal, disappears after a few weeks.In the treatment of plantar warts have to keep pace throughout this period.


warts are cut by a current.The advantage is that the wart can be transferred to cancer research, for example.The crust formed during the procedure, no longer about a week.

Chemical methods

Removal of warts by applying caustic acid or alkali has long been considered an unsafe method of treatment.Therefore, he rarely used official medicine.

Surgical excision

to surgical removal of warts resorted to only in case of large entities.In this case, after cutting off the wart with a scalpel and the skin sewn it remains a small scar light pink color.

funds available in pharmacies

  1. Super celandine 1.2 ml.elixir or Celandine - drops that are based on natural extracts of celandine.Since the drug is designed to "burn out" the warts, you should be careful not to get burned in the surrounding areas of the skin.
  2. preparation for freezing warts Wartner at home conditions.It allows you to remove warts without pain.Disadvantage - the high cost.
  3. Ferezol - a treatment for warts, recommended for extremely accurate use at home, in order to avoid burns.A more complicated to use than a Super celandine.

warts treatment using traditional medicine

  1. celandine is considered the most effective way of helping to get rid of warts.This plant is used in different ways.Some say that you need to rub the wart with the juice from the stem celandine.By repeating the procedure several times, you can get rid of this problem.Others argue that it is necessary to do the bath of celandine, brewing plant in a few liters of water.
  2. second most popular and effective methods of folk medicine is considered to be steaming warts using soaked in vinegar onion.Take a small piece of onion and soak it for a few hours in vinegar.Then tie a bow on a night on the wart.The next morning the wart will be steamed so that it will only "knock over".If necessary, you can repeat the procedure for several days in a row.The main thing - to remove a wart from the root.
  3. rubbing the wart with the help of raw potatoes.For this method it is necessary to cut raw potatoes and rub wart clockwise within thirty minutes of one half, and then the second.Then fold the two halves together and bury it in the ground.When the potatoes rot, then disappears and the wart.
  4. On the question of how to get rid of warts on the soles, medicine offers such a method.Steam foot in warm water with soda and remove the rough layer with the foot.Then wipe dry with a foot wart and put on a piece of raw meat.All of this close and seal the plaster oilcloth.After 3-4 days, remove the wrap and steamed to remove the wart.If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Despite such a huge number of methods and ways to treat warts, keep in mind that to get rid of warts permanently is possible only by eliminating their causes, which are not outside, but inside the human body.Consult your doctor and be always healthy!