How to get rid of Wen ?

How to get rid of Wen ?

Wen - a benign formation consisting of cells of fat tissue under the skin, and concluded in the original shell.There is the medical term for "lipoma" to indicate Wen.Wen can reach a size of more than 5 centimeters.Subcutaneous adipose tissue is covered almost all the human body, so talc easily appear anywhere.Currently, physicians argue about the true causes of lipomas.We know one thing: it is impossible to prevent the emergence of Wen.

small lipoma - this is just a cosmetic defect, but the volume and noticeable can compress blood vessels.This contributes to poor circulation, the appearance of inflammation and other serious troubles.In this article we will talk about how to get rid of Wen formed in different places.

Wen on his head: how to get rid

To internal capsule Wen resolved, it is necessary to strengthen the blood circulation in the place of its location.This is a very complex and lengthy process, the result will be nothing less than a week of daily treatments.Every day in the affected area should be gently rubbed into pulp, consisting of grated garlic and vegetable oil.Enhance blood circulation is capable of Kalanchoe: remove the sheet surface plenochku and attach it directly to the pulp wen, securing all-day patch.Also help tincture of nettles.To prepare a tincture, nettle leaves to dry and crush them, then add the jar of 0.5 liters.and pour the vodka.Infuse nettles need three weeks, isolating the bank from light and heat.Compresses from infusions need to apply every day for 20 minutes.

wen on the body: how to get rid

to the area of ​​skin devoid of hair, you can use fresh juice of celandine.Juice of celandine is poisonous and violates the integrity of the skin.So after a few days the hole may appear in Wen.After a compress of Vishnevsky ointment and aloe through the hole should reach all the contents.Unfortunately, there is a small scar after such a procedure.

wen on the face: how to get rid

most often on the face talc formed on the eyelids and under the eyes.The skin around the eyes is very fragile, so in any case it is impossible to get rid of Wen drastic measures in the form of garlic and celandine.It is necessary to refer to the masks and compresses.It is necessary to have patience, becauseget rid of the oil lamp on the face using soft methods will not be easy.

So, if talc under his eyes, how to get rid of them?Prepare a water bath and kindle her a small amount of mutton fat.Then rub it into the skin for at least 10 minutes.The result will be noticeable within a week.For the skin on the face is very effective mask of chestnut honey.5 Cut the chestnuts and crush using a blender, adding three leaf aloe and a tablespoon of honey.The resulting ointment is applied to the gauze and applied to the affected area every day for 20 minutes.If you have a point wen, refer to the beautician.Do not touch wen, jumped right on the eyelid.If the size of your oil lamp is about 3 cm., You need to involution.This conservative treatment is carried out by the surgeon.Through thin needle into wen administered drug that activates its resorption.Within a few months formation disappears.After this procedure, a beautician will ask you to carry out a course of masks promoting resorption.Through such masks skin will be left no trace.There is another completely painless way - laser surgery.After this operation wen disappear in just two weeks.To remove the formation is less than 3 cm., The aspiration method used.In wen thin needle inserted through it and pulled out all the contents.The skin is not damaged and remains scar.However, there remains a capsule in which the formation of fatty tissue.Large talc removed surgically under general anesthesia.Type of anesthesia (local or general) depends on the size of the cut.The capsule is removed, and the skin remains a scar.

Remember, before you get rid of the oil lamp, you need to consult a doctor for further diagnosis.