How to get rid of robbing ?

How to get rid of robbing ?

deprives called dermatosis that occurs in the presence of viral or fungal infection.This is a common skin disease that has several varieties, and manifests itself in violation of its pigmentation, itching and peeling.

Recommendations: how to get rid of depriving

First we need to determine the type of the disease.

Pink zoster (Gibert).It is a skin disease characterized by the appearance of pink spots, which over time may begin to peel.Also, a small itch can occur with the disease.The development of the disease usually provokes cold, hypothermia, or latent infection.Pink Ringworm often occurs in autumn and spring, and is accompanied by fever, malaise and rash.The disease lasts for 4-6 weeks.

How to get rid of the pink lichen?

  • important to know that pink shingles often goes untreated.But to get rid of the pink lichen, patients should limit itself to the adoption of a light shower instead of a bath and do not wear clothes of wool or synthetics.
  • As a topical treatment is recommended to lubricate the affected areas of the skin of sea buckthorn, mammal, peach or Dog rose oil.
  • useful process zoster solution romazulana, hlorofillipta, Sanguirythrine.
  • During treatment, it is recommended to drink the infusion, decoction or syrup of licorice root, which can be purchased in a pharmacy in the finished form.
  • affordable medicines from pink depriving considered broth buckwheat, which should be rubbed into the skin.
  • Also, the affected skin can be lubricated with apple cider vinegar five times a day.

Shingles.This kind of infectious disease caused by varicella-zoster virus.With shingles, in addition to the skin, and it affected the nervous system.Such shingles occurs more often in those who have had chickenpox as a child.The risk for occurrence of shingles include older people with weakened immune systems.Shingles is considered infectious and is accompanied by burning pain, elevated body temperature, weakness and eventually the emergence of the rash.The rash gradually turns into a reddish pink and edematous spots that then become blisters filled with clear content.Bubbles usually quickly dry up and form scabs that eventually fall off, leaving little pigmentation.

How to get rid of shingles?

  • better to start treatment as early as possible.Thus, it is possible to avoid the development neuralgia.
  • should take antiviral medications.The main drugs in the treatment of this disease are Famvir and Valtrex.
  • sure to lubricate the herpes antiviral creams and ointments.Appeared crust better burn zelyonkoj or fukortsinom.
  • To get rid of shingles can come and folk methods.Good relieve itching ointment of soda and salt - mix of equal parts with a little water to form a slurry and apply three times a day to the affected areas.Repeat follows within five days.
  • recommended to be taken orally or calendula tincture make of it compresses.To do this, mix the flowers of calendula flowers with meadowsweet, Gulf of vodka.Infuse followed for two weeks.Drink recommend a spoonful of tincture diluted in water three times a day.And do not forget to make compresses on the rash.

hope that having familiarized with the ways how to get rid of depriving your skin will again become clear, beautiful and healthy.