How to get rid of calluses ?

How to get rid of calluses ?

It's no secret that the most common skin problems feet are calluses and corns.Perhaps there is no person who would neither faced with these troubles.And, age has absolutely no role.Corns can appear equally in both children and the elderly.The main reason for their occurrence is usually inconvenient or unsuitable size shoes.

What are calluses and corns

Tight shoes and leads to the formation of corns.The latter are sometimes also arise in cases where the weight is distributed evenly on the soles.So, for example, when wearing models in high heels, corns often appear at the base of the toes.By itself, they are hardened skin areas undefined shape.

worth noting that chronic corns say about the development of such unpleasant diseases such as flat feet.In this regard, if you are constantly plagued with this problem, you should visit a podiatrist and start to wear special orthopedic insoles.Fortunately, corns are defective upper layers of the skin and do not have so-called "root" and "rod".Therefore, to deal with them is quite real, even at home.

As for calluses, corns on they differ a little in size, and clear outlines round shape.Typically, corn - a very painful skin tightening.They can be dry and wet.The latter contain a fluid that forms as a result of tissue damage.These calluses need to immediately handle various kinds of antibacterial drugs.They should be treated as minor cuts and wounds.Over time, the wet corn turn into dry.The latter have a deep "core".Treatment of dry calluses - a long process, which is virtually impossible without the use of all sorts of vehicles.

calluses and corns: how to get rid

Before starting treatment, you must clearly define whether you are dealing with corn or leg formed, so-called plantar warts.How to do it?The wart is composed of non-cornified, living tissue.Therefore, if an incision or stab her blood should appear.The injection or incision dry corn, in some cases, can be quite painful, but it is not accompanied by the release of blood.Additionally, warts often located in clusters.In turn, corn - one by one.If you have determined that it appeared at the foot of the wart, removing it is best carried out in a clinic or beauty salon.Although, there are means for the "home" to combat this skin disease.By the way, corns and calluses are also removed effectively institutionalized.It uses liquid nitrogen, laser, and sometimes a kind of drill.However, this approach is relevant only in cases where corns and calluses are chronic.

At home, to fight these skin deformations in several ways.First of all, you need to buy in the drugstore agent containing salicylic acid.Thus, it is possible to buy a 10 percent salicylic ointment or other preparations in which the aforementioned acid is combined with any other active elements.For example, benzoic acid.

Before treatment is necessary to steam corns or toes in a warm bath.After that, the damaged area is applied plaster with a hole cut out.Overlay adhesive thus need to callus or corns were not covered by them, and are, as it were, in the hole.The patch is required for healing ointment did not get on the healthy skin.

further applied ointment.Above it is the second layer of plaster.In this position, all must be left for 6-8 hours.After this period, you need to gently scrape off the softened tissue with a pumice stone or a special scrub for the feet, which is produced by many cosmetic companies.The procedure can be repeated several times, depending on the complexity of the case.It should also be noted that today in pharmacies sell special antimozolnye patches, which are impregnated with the active substance.They are suitable in the event that you do not want to prepare their own patch, make a hole in it, purchased separately ointment.

Another way to get rid of calluses and corns is to use pure vegetable oil.For these purposes, you must purchase unscented and unrefined product.It is advisable to first extraction.So oil is necessary to impregnate socks (cotton).It must be put on the leg, wrap polyethylene and put on top the other sock.Everything in this form is left for the night.In the morning to wash the leg, using a mild soap, and carefully scrape off the problem areas.In addition, you can use castor oil, which is also a very effective mitigation.

learn how to quickly get rid of corns tells and folk medicine.Pretty simple and effective is a soap-soda method.For its implementation is bath, which add a tablespoon of crushed soap and 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda (per liter of water).Leg immersed in warm water for 30-40 minutes.Then corn or corns should be scraped off.When painful blisters desirable 15-20 minutes to do the bath with potassium permanganate and sodium chloride.

will help get rid of dry and cut corn leaf aloe.He is placed on the leg and tied.After 6-8 hours of problem areas need to scrape off.This method will appeal to those who do not know how to get rid of dry corn painlessly.