How to get rid of the redness ?

How to get rid of the redness ?

redness of the skin - is always a reaction to the impact of any factor.To learn how to get rid of the redness, you need to learn to distinguish his views.Redness are transient, resulting from thermal effects (heat, cold), skin irritation, allergic reactions, inflammation, when the emotional excitement, physical exertion.This does not mean that the temporary redness should not fight.However, many of them disappear after cessation of exposure to adverse factors.

facial flushing

prone to redness soft sensitive skin of the face.Cosmetologists provide such advice on how to get rid of facial redness.Firstly, it is necessary to buy cosmetics specifically for sensitive skin.In such formulations least preservatives, no flavoring agents have soothing components.If the redness was caused by allergies to foods or cosmetics, it is necessary to exclude their use.Secondly, when a strong reaction is better to consult a doctor.However, if this is not possible, we will advise how to quickly get rid of the redness.Keep in mind that a good demulcent decoctions of chamomile and parsley.They can be used to wash or make compresses.They help and lotions from the juice of parsley.Well softens sensitive skin mask of fresh cucumbers.Also relieves irritation conventional potato starch, they are simply powdered face.

Most redness is a consequence of increased emotionality.Fear, confusion, agitation - all these emotions cause unattractive appearance of red spots.In this case, it is recommended to engage in the strengthening of the nervous system, take a soothing herbal teas.For example, a brew made in equal parts peppermint, valerian root, lemon balm, sage, St. John's wort.

a tendency to reddening of the skin, should pay attention to diet.After all, the work of the gastrointestinal tract is always reflected on the face (acne, redness).It is advisable to avoid large amounts of fried, fatty, sweet, strong tea and coffee, and, of course, alcohol.

Redness nose

person inclined to alcohol, as we know, prominent nose.Therefore, it is clear how to get rid of the redness of the nose drinkers.Do not drink a lot of alcohol!However, there are serious problems in which there is a steady nose redness, or the entire face.This hyperemia - vascular disease that occurs due to disruption of the blood system (overflow of blood vessels).Most often the disease occurs in women after 35-40 years, but it also happens in children and men.

Advanced evolved vessels removed by electrical or laser coagulation.As a precaution advised to avoid anything that enhances blood flow: sun exposure, overheating (bath, sauna), hypothermia, spicy and hot food and drinks, caffeine, and alcohol.

Redness on the nose can be caused by inflammation of the skin (eg acne due to poor hygiene, malnutrition, endocrine disruption).Basically, with this young people face up to 20 years.But later in life, many are not insured against such problems.To avoid them, you should thoroughly clean the skin, choose low-fat creams without synthetic oils, periodically do peelings.You can use tea tree oil has antiseptic properties (applied directly to the inflamed place).It relieves redness and aloe juice.This unpretentious miracle plant can be grown at home.

body skin redness

Redness of the skin of the body, most often occur as a result of irritation or allergic reactions.To avoid them, you need to wear clothes made of soft natural fabrics.It is recommended to lubricate the place hydrocortisone ointment redness, as well as taking a bath with a decoction of herbs (chamomile, succession, celandine, valerian).Well do compresses diluted in 0.5 liters of boric acid water (1 bag).Keep the solution in the refrigerator and apply the wetted tissues to sites of inflammation.So, it is clear that the redness may be evidence of a variety of health problems.Therefore, to find out exactly how to get rid of the redness of the skin, it is best to consult a doctor.