How to get rid of prickly heat ?

How to get rid of prickly heat ?

Like pinprick - sudamen, but sometimes it brings a lot of trouble!Jumps up pimples, itch, hand and drags them to scratch, to tear the thin skin, which leads to a re-emergence of acne.Sudamen happens frequently in infants, as well as the obese adults in bedridden patients.That is why you can not take the disease "light and inconsequential," it is necessary to know how to get rid of prickly heat.

Miliaria infants

Almost all babies suffer from prickly heat, even those whose weight is less than the average.The thing is that the child's sweat glands are working very actively, and pores which have sweat output, still continue to emerge.When the pores accumulated a lot of sweat, and he can not fully come out, the skin becomes inflamed, there is redness and blisters that can burst and, if the amount of liquid will be very large.Thus, there sudamen, whose symptoms are not limited to blisters.Itching, pain, to break the skin of the bubble - sores and scabs.

prevention measures

all know what it looks like prickly heat in children, but these troubles can be significantly reduced if the baby's skin to breathe.Do not Kuta it in warm jackets and pants, dress strictly according to the weather.And when he comes home, where it is warm and comfortable, let the baby stay naked.Such air baths podsushat skin, give her a breath and pimples will be much less.

baby clothes should be only from natural fabric that is breathable and allows the skin to breathe.By the way, this useful habit to instill good child for life.Cosmetics for the baby you have to buy is also very carefully, see that they did not have strong fragrances or chemical components.It is best to use a neutral baby soap.


Remember to cure prickly heat, is simple.Ointments are not needed.It is best to podsushivayuschee tools and procedures.Increase the number of bathing in the water, add the broth succession, celandine, chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort.At 10 liters of warm water for swimming for infants, it is necessary to take 200 ml of decoction.Wash baby desirable whenever he sweated.In no case do not wear diapers in the hot summer, it is best to let them run naked.At night, the child well to give a soothing herbal tea, then it will be harder to sleep and will not scratch the site of the lesion sudamen.

Miliaria adults

Adults sudamen delivers no less problems than children.And there she was, not only in places where body contact, but also where the body touches clothing, especially synthetic.Very annoying heat rash on her neck.It is treated by wiping decoction of herbs, alcohol tinctures of celandine, birch buds, etc.. Those places are amazed sudamen, you can handle baby powder.For large blisters can be treated with their brilliant green.And removable scarf, its fabric must be natural, as soon as you go in the room, take it off.Do not wear turtlenecks and other clothing with a high collar.It was under him most often occurs in adults sudamen.Photos of its manifestation can be seen here

Adult good to take bath with sea salt, prickly heat dries it.But this is only the case if there is no damage to the integrity of the skin.Just like children, adults should handle reddened place talcum powder or baby powder, it is much easier suffering.It is also effective ointment "Marigold", it should be applied to the site of the lesion with a thin layer at night.