How to get rid of the black eye ?

How to get rid of the black eye ?

Since it happened that may remain black eye, it is best not to delay.The fact that shiner bruise or break is manifested as a result of many small capillaries under the skin - blue formed thrombus.Therefore, upon receipt of such wounds, first and foremost, you need a good massage the point of impact.In this case, the clot will resolve, and its remnants would display the bloodstream in a matter of hours.

But do not look solely at the self-massage.It is necessary to apply the medication vasodilating action.For example, heparin ointment - worth a penny, but very effectively helps in solving this delicate problem.The fact that the active substance is heparin leads to expansion of blood vessels and capillaries at the site of the ointment on skin.Only avoid contact with the mucous membrane of the eye, and if it did happen - a good rinse with water, preferably several times.

But there are many medical facilities to relieve bruises and bruises.About them further.

How to get rid of the black eye: ointments and other drugs

All types of these funds are aimed at strengthening the blood vessels and contribute to the cessation of thrombosis, but do not be lazy to read before use - the dosage is also very important.

  • «Bruise-off."There is a balm or cream foundation, which helps not shy of its kind in humans during recovery.
  • Ointment "concoctions", is, in every pharmacy, and is very moderately.
  • «Rescuer" - excellent product displays thrombus decay, restores damaged capillaries.

Perhaps this is the most popular tools to date.

How to get rid of the traditional methods of Fingal

If nearby there were no pharmacies, there are a number of available tools, with which you can reduce the black eye.

  • cold.You can make snow, ice cream or a bottle of cold water, but it is only in the first 15 minutes after injury.
  • onion or garlic.It helps not only in bruises, but boils, for example.
  • Aloe.It is very good for small bruises, while serious damage is better to try something stronger.

When a bruise under his eye, remember that there is a risk of damage to other organs, so you should consult a doctor immediately if the feeling of malaise and nausea.It is also worth considering that clots are dangerous to health and need to be guided, first and foremost, to ensure that reduce thrombotic injury as quickly and efficiently as possible.If very hard, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.Health is more important.