How to get rid of boils ?

How to get rid of boils ?

main cause of body pustular lesions is chemical contamination of the skin, it can occur due to non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene or getting an infection in the damaged skin.If you notice a boil in the early stages of development, try to do everything possible to suppurative focus did not extend to other parts of the body.

How to get rid of boils

When the boil must be carefully monitor their diet, on the time of treatment is better in general exclude flour products and sweets.You also need to be attentive to their skin and observe basic rules of personal hygiene.

If the abscess is small, two times a day it is possible to grease with iodine or brilliant green, and around the inflamed place can be cleaned with alcohol, and a good way is zinc ointment, which can be bought at any pharmacy.So how to quickly get rid of the boil does not work, it would be advisable to decide on the adoption of comprehensive multivitamin and stay active outdoors.The sun's rays will benefit your skin and slow down the rapid process of suppuration.


If the body has already appeared a small suppurative focus, you need to prevent further inflammation, as is exposure to extreme temperatures, as increased separation contributes to the rapid development of the infection.

daily linen change and, if possible, take a shower every day, so that the skin is always clean.Start eating right and add to your diet foods rich in vitamins, it has a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Treatment boils

effective folk remedy is a poultice made from onions and garlic with the addition of vegetable oil.The mixture should be applied to the inflamed area of ​​skin 2-3 times a day.

If the home is growing aloe, the juice of its leaves is an excellent antimicrobial agent.Aloe juice or mashed until smooth leaves can be applied to the focus of inflammation once a day, and change the compress on the night.

Equally effective against boils is usual grated beets.Raw vegetables need to grate, resulting mass is wrapped in a piece of gauze and applied to the sore spot.Under the effect of beetroot juice, boil rapidly matures.

also considered an effective means national attachment to the affected area of ​​the crumb of rye bread, pre-soaked in hot milk.