How to get rid of scratches ?

How to get rid of scratches ?

Many of us have pets, so it is not surprising that cats and dogs can cause us physical harm, which is expressed in the presence of all sorts of scrapes.Everyone should know how to get rid of the cat scratches.

What must be kept in the medicine cabinet

Scratches in the skin or the person may be in the form of a scar that heals very long, often even visible remains throughout life.However, these dire consequences can occur only when you stop treating sore.If you properly spend the treatment procedure, the scar will not occur or will be barely noticeable short period of time.Let's learn how to quickly get rid of scratches.

in their medicine cabinet, you need to have drugs such as:

  • hydrogen peroxide
  • alcohol
  • iodine
  • scrub
  • cotton pads
  • regenerating ointment

Tips to get rid of scratches

There are several methods of getting rid of suchnasty scratches:

Once you accidentally scraped your skin, immediately wash the affected area with hydrogen peroxide.If the wound is deep enough, you need a little push the skin, wash with a small amount of time.Extremely thorough washing should be done if you are a victim of claws pet.

Take special cotton pad or just a stick, at the same time soak it in alcohol.Spend where it hurts, and sometimes much more effective than just hold a cotton ball a few minutes, erecting a kind of compress of alcohol.It will hurt a little, but for the result can bear.

Bedtime necessarily treat sore iodine solution.However, it is not necessary to smear very well, because it can not be absorbed until the end of the night.Alcohol solution except that kill microbes, and more will dry your wound.Treating the affected area with green paint is not recommended, especially in the prominent parts of the body.Such an antiseptic for a long time is not washed away from the body surface, while it does not have any absorbable properties.

In the formation of a special crust can not rip it.If the damage of the small plaque significantly increase scratch, with healing time will increase significantly.Therefore, you no longer have no choice but to wait until she is healed.

Once the scab falls off, you can use absorbable scar medication.Purchase in a drugstore special creams, containing a component such as propolis, seaweed or celandine.You can also choose creams that contain active ingredients, targeted actions on the affected part of the body, thus contributing to its recovery.Check with your doctor or a pharmacist.

Use masks or specialized scrubs containing fruit acids.Scratch the skin must be constantly cleaned components with abrasive additives.When such actions occur cell regeneration, after which they will be updated completely and a scar will be gone forever.

If the scratch is still visible, and nothing can eliminate it, the only way of removing the scar - a trip to the doctor-cosmetician.Current methods for removing scars, as well as all sorts of scars helps to quickly remove the upper layers of damaged skin.

So before you have a pet, think, because after buying little friend, you will have a lot of wounds and scratches.Well, if they were, then you already know how to get rid of scratches.