How to get rid of black dots?

How to get rid of black dots?

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How to get rid of blackheads?

problem of black dots on the face is quite common, not only among the female, but the male population.How to deal with it, and what preventive measures can be taken today and we'll see.

How to get rid of blackheads quickly and efficiently

To people cope with any problem, it is first necessary to understand the essence of the problem.What is the black dots, and in consequence of which they appear ... When there is a blockage of the sebaceous glands, sebum accumulates and forms a white knot under the skin.Its diameter about 2-3 mm.We can see it as a black dot.Most often localized acne in the nose, chin and forehead.And on the wings of the nose, they are practically at all.But this does not mean that everything is normal.With black dots need to fight!Even outwardly it looks very unattractive and running.

Many people think that black dots appear only on the skin, prone to fat.In fact, acne formed and dry skin.The reason for their appearance are the dust and dirt that are accumulated on the skin.In addition, very often black dots - this is a consequence of rubbing creams that contain a lot of bismuth and mercury.

So, once you turned to this article, the black dots you already have.Then see how to quickly get rid of acne at home:

  • Get a mask of white clay in the form of powder, and mix it with water.Soaking the face mask to 15 minutes.
  • natural remedy against the black dots - a yogurt.Wash yogurt, hold it on your face for 5 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.Why yogurt is so effective?The fact that it contains the specific acid strength which dissolve sebum.
  • Owners of dry skin, listen, please, to this advice.Before the procedure, lubricate the clean face with a fat cream and then cover it with a thin layer of salt (pre-need a good pound salt).And after 1 minutes you should wash this mass of warm water.You will also be another recipe: make a mask of glycerol (5 g), vinegar (2 g) and talc (7 g).Released useful mixture, which is put on the face and keep for 15 minutes.After all rinse with warm water.

advise everyone to do the mask onto cleansed skin.Natural masks against black dots give a greater effect if they are applied after the peeling and tonic.Use tonic without alcohol.

get rid of blackheads can help prevention

few words about the prevention of acne ...

  • Some women somehow think that is enough to wash in the morning, and nourishing cream is applied only at night.They are motivated by the fact that applying the cream in the morning, the skin will look shiny and oily.Nothing like this, the main thing here, choose the right cream can be a matte effect.In the morning after washing and toning every girl should be applied to the skin protective cream.It is necessary to protect the skin from dirt and dust.
  • Cleansing - the first stage of skin care.And do not wash in the evening, washing cosmetics, but also in the morning after waking up.Black dots appear on that in the pores of the dirt and dust accumulate.It is important to choose a cleanser specifically for your skin to retain moisture it.Keep in its composition was not alcohol.
  • Take care of the skin condition is necessary also from the inside.That is to eat right.This is to the digestive system to work without disturbance to the body does not accumulate toxins and wastes.It is better to limit yourself to the use of hot spices and seasonings.We need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Once a week, the skin must be cleaned deeply, that is, to use extra care.It can be deep cleansing masks, scrubs, or even better a steam bath.For example, you can steam the face, pores, or alternatively apply hot and cold compresses, and then use a cleansing mask.Do not run your face, do not forget about deep cleaning once a week, and you get rid of blackheads forever!