How to get rid shipitsy ?

How to get rid shipitsy ?

Shipitsa - so popularly called plantar warts.These warts appear most often on the heel or under the thumb.There may be a few, and so one.Many people suffer from this disease, because if there was a foot shipitsa, it is not only visually ugly, and painful.In this article, we will tell you how to get rid shipitsy quickly and painlessly.After all, if the warts are not removed for a long time and do not pay attention to them, they are able to grow into something very deep.

How to get rid of the house shipitsy

  1. Poparte injured leg in hot water, then wipe dry with her.Slightly mash spoon piece of feathery flowers of Kalanchoe and apply to the problem area.Can you fix the plaster flower.
  2. In the fight against shipitsey can help horseradish.Cut the leaves of horseradish, and fill them with water.It is this water and use for compresses and washing.
  3. shipitsy To get rid of, it is necessary to steam the leg and rub into the affected area a bit of cement.After drying, rub the cement is still 2-3.For the treatment need a few such procedures.This feature may seem strange, however, it helps many people.
  4. Buy at the pharmacy bubble "celandine".Rasparte leg.Plot with healthy skin around shipitsy lubricate fat cream.Burns up to be black.It may be a little painful, but within a week the wart will come down.
  5. Cut a small piece of plaster in the center of which make a small hole.It must be a wart size.Accordingly, the patch stick to the leg.Take a bit of dough kneaded by 9% th vinegar and apply on shipitsu.Watering can not keep up for three days.After three days, remove the patch and the dough.The wart should fall off soon herself.The fovea, which will, after some time will be delayed.

Remove the shipitsu in

clinic is worth noting that plantar warts have to return the property.Therefore, remove them at home is not very effective.Shipitsy - one of the most difficult types of warts.That is why it is better to remove in the clinic.Trust the experts, and they will appoint you a comprehensive treatment that will lead to positive results.