How to get rid of the bumps ?

How to get rid of the bumps ?

Cones - a hypodermic condensation that may form on various parts of the body, and for various reasons.For example, the bumps can be caused by injections or injections, resulting in injury.The most common problem is the bumps on the feet or hands.

How to get rid of bumps jabs

Quite often after treatment injections on a soft spot can form lumps of injections.How to get rid of them, known to many, but do not always achieve the desired result.The seal underneath the skin to be treated.If you do not get rid of the bumps, it can fester and in the worst case, will have to go to a surgeon.To date, the most simple and reliable way is iodine mesh: it is necessary several times a day to make the mesh on the swollen place, and within two days bump should disappear.

There is also a known method of applying a cabbage leaf.Part of leaf cabbage is necessary to make an incision in several places and attach to the sealing point, preferably at night.In some cases, the cabbage juice mixed with honey, and the resulting mass is used as a compress at night.

If a lump is not one, you can use a special solution with vodka Dimexidum: one part vodka will need 4 pieces Dimexidum.This solution should be lubricated bump several times a day.Also helping the ointment, which include heparin and troxerutin.

Cones on his feet

cartilage growth on the legs, rather, on the metatarsophalangeal joint are often, popularly referred to as bumps on the legs.How to get rid of the problem, few know, moreover, that a more effective method than surgery has not yet been invented.

If the bone on his feet barely noticeable, it is possible to slow down the proliferation of bumps using orthopedic exercises, such as 10 minutes a day to touch her toes small items.

cartilage growths on the feet are formed as a result of wearing the wrong shoes, As a rule, high-heeled shoes or flat shoes.People who are interested in the question of how to get rid of bumps, a lot, but only 2 percent of them decided on surgery.

Cones on

hands Cones on the hands can be a cause of various diseases, as well as just a small build-up, so it is best to consult a dermatologist or a surgeon.There were bumps on the hands?How to get rid of them, just tell me an expert, but the solution to this problem can be helped and at home.For example, when small growths can be done daily massage using heated cones of lavender oil.It is also a good remedy is vermutovaya ointment smeared her bump for the night and are wrapped with a bandage.