How to get rid of scars ?

Scars usually appear after injuries and surgical interventions, and subsequently formed all kinds of skin diseases.They come in several forms, included in two large groups: the first - formed when appropriate, and the second - with inadequate pathophysiological reactions.In general, there are hypertrophic, normotroficheskie, atrophic and keloid scars.Those whose skin is already damaged, think about how to get rid of scars scars, and try different ways to do it.

Hypertrophic scars are given the surrounding area of ​​skin and does not extend beyond the affected area.They occur due to injury, surgery, inflammation, infection in the wound contact and reduce local immunity.For their cure are good practices aimed at leveling layer of skin: electrophoresis, cryosurgery, laser, radiation therapy or a compressor, excision.From folk remedies - a mixture of a few cabbage leaves with the addition of honey.Helps and paste from an egg shell and melon seeds, taken in equal proportions.At its sole discretion, add the vegetable oil.Both folk recipe designed for long-term treatment of scars - up to 2 or 3 months.

normotroficheskie smooth scars - they are a normal reaction to trauma, and are considered the most benign skin lesions.No need to worry about how to get rid of the scars of this type: they do not cause inconvenience to the landlord eventually become thin, become flesh color and disappear completely.They can be masked by the conventional cosmetics, they accelerate healing or using the ointment "Mederma" "Kontraktubeks" or "Dermatiks".The last should be applied daily to the damaged area, until the complete disappearance of the scar.The treatment takes up to 3 months.

pretty hard to escape from atrophic scars.The skin around them has a small amount of elastin, collagen and protein, so the main task - to restore its elasticity.In this case, effective iontophoresis, electrophoresis, local cryotherapy and deep peeling, conducted at the spa.Iontophoresis and electrophoresis - This entry procedure missing nutrients into the skin using galvanic current.Cryotherapy - the sudden cooling of the body - accelerates regeneration of damaged skin.

Despite the fact that the very common atrophic scars from chicken pox to get rid of them know relatively few.At home, you can use the factory-made scrubs, or made his own mixtures.Good help coffee grounds: it is applied to damp skin, wait for it dry, and remove the circular movements of the fingers.Good and regular table salt applied to the damaged person with chickenpox after a shower.Independently you can make a mask out of clay, adding a floured egg shells.Such "hard" peeling minerals should be carried out not more than once a month.Use all means to measure some of them have an alkaline base, and can irritate the skin, leading to the emergence of new flaws in it.Combine personally made scrubs and a mask with a moisturizer made at the factory.Good

remove scars of different origin essential oils of neroli, rosemary and mint in equal proportions, tea and rose trees, and incense in equal proportions, hyssop, fennel and geranium - the same in equal proportions.Teenagers are often concerned about the acne scars, how to get rid of them, many do not know.It helps a mixture of 100 grams of wax and 400 ml of oil, warming up for 10 minutes on low heat.

Keloids - a huge build-up beyond the damaged area, formed in the injured area of ​​the body.They can seriously disturb the owner: to itch, hurt, cause numbness, change its color.Given the size of keloids and their ability to grow, remove them is extremely difficult.The only thing that can advise on traditional medicine in this situation - do not comb the rash appeared on the skin and get rid of an unpleasant itch only with antihistamines, such as diphenhydramine.Keloids are produced locally cuts and burnt areas of the skin, so it is best not to bring up the issue to think seriously about how to get rid of the scar from the burn, and prevent its formation.On the damaged spot sometimes appears red swelling, growing up - tightly bandage her without giving nascent scar rise above the skin.When the healing of burns, use fresh juice of aloe or already mentioned ointment "Miderma" and "Contractubex".

«Cut» keloids is impossible, as they will re-intensive growth.Effectiveness of laser resurfacing: connective tissue, released on leather background, simply vaporized layer by layer.It is a safe procedure, although in patients after surgery swelling and tenderness of the skin may occur.To avoid side effects of laser resurfacing, coupled with its rate by receiving drugs.Active treat keloids forbidden: their growth must be stopped by entering them in corticosteroids.