How to draw a branch?

How to draw a branch?

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How to draw a branch?

Before you draw a beautiful tree, a beginner must learn to portray the artist, perhaps the most complex and crucial element of it - the branches, appearance and structure which defines the breed chosen artist of wood.An important part of the branches, are worth paying attention - it is part of: leaves, flowers, berries or pine needles.

Before creating a pattern is important to have an accurate representation of the imaged object and all future parts.To this end, professional artists are advised to close their eyes and imagine their future creation, it is, in their view, help to concentrate and imagine your future masterpiece.

But back to the technical side of the issue before us.Before you draw a branch with leaves, it is necessary to take into account the number, the location relative to the main element, the size, shape, and color saturation for each leaf of the tree.Usually landscape created using graphite pencils and plain white paper.

How to draw a branch stages

process of creating a pattern in the form of a tree branch can be divided into several successive stages:

  • must first draw the main element of the picture - a thick branch, which originates from the right paper angle, which createsdrawing.
  • Next, you must be sure to dim thin pencil sketch rough sketches of leaves.
  • Gradually increase the amount of foliage.We can not forget the fact that the leaves vary in size and are located on the branch tightly enough.
  • creating an exemplary image of the imaged object, the next step is to make bigger and brighter itself portrayed branch and her foliage coming from the roots.With rounded shapes of leaves give them vitality.
  • final action is to clearly trace the contour and removing additional and unnecessary lines and dashes us.

How to draw threads of different types of trees

One of the most beautiful and unusual trees is cherry blossoms.Find examples of how to draw Sakura easy.Creating such a bright picture begins with any branches in other trees and flowers with a core.Making Sakura reality on paper will use mascara, broad tone which drops flowers is applied.Stage drawing itself is the final branch.

But a branch of another tree beautiful, like Rowan, you can draw a pencil or brush.By selecting a drawing tool, determine how to draw a branch of mountain ash.The most important stage in the creation of this figure - an accurate measurement of proportions and clarifying the positions of all the elements.Having put the outline of the leaves and berries, the next stage is the treatment of the resulting brush mountain ash tone.

most simple drawing views are coniferous trees.To know how to draw a fir branch, do not necessarily have to be an accomplished artist.Differs from other spruce trees are part of the needles, which are easy to draw.