How to draw a pencil eye ?

How to draw a pencil eye ?

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pencil How to draw eyes?

Many artists painted portraits of loved ones, famous personalities, nudes and self-portraits.The most striking and important part of the human face - this is undoubtedly the eye.No wonder they say that the eyes - a mirror of the soul.Eyes can draw paints: oil or watercolor, but first you need to learn how to perform a pencil drawing.Today we will talk about how to draw the eye pencil.On our site you can also get acquainted with interesting and useful articles on the topic "Drawing", which discussed in detail drawing eye:

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to work you will need a well-sharpened pencil,an eraser, a sheet of paper.In order to properly draw a pencil eye, you need to study the anatomy of the eye.If you carefully study the anatomy of the eye, you will notice that the eyeball is a sphere - it must be considered when drawing.

Start drawing from nature.If no one is near, just look at his eyes in the mirror.Note that, as a form of eye changes depending on the angle.To draw a human eye with a pencil, you need to take into account the coverage: the less light falls on the eye, the darker the shade will be in the folds of the eyelids.

How nice to draw the eye pencil guide

  1. Schematically picture the eyeball in a circle.It is necessary for convenience, after you erase the unnecessary lines.
  2. Draw upper and lower eyelids in the form of curved lines.Draw the folds and shadows that are always present on the eyelids.Note that the shape of the eyes - almond.
  3. In the corner of the eye, draw lacrimal gland as a small triangle, then chamfer the corners.
  4. pupil and iris draw strictly according to the center.Iris, draw a circle of larger diameter and the pupil - a small circle.Normally, Iris is a 3 \ 4 of the eyeball.Fill it with a pencil.The iris should be a tone or a few shades paler than the pupil.If you look closely, the eye on the iris can see the thin line directed from the edge to the center.You can draw them too.
  5. draw in the corners of his eyes light shadows.For reliability you need to portray highlights - a reflection of light.Draw glare as one or two small circles.The figure must be painted over.You can use for this purpose eraser that can erase a little pencil.
  6. Draw eyelashes short dashes.Do not portray eyelashes growing strongly in one direction.Then, they can be a bit of shade.

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