How to make blade of paper ?

How to make blade of paper ?

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How to make blade of paper?

blade or sword as a weapon game, you can do any of the available tools, including paper or cardboard.However, other more popular all the same wooden or textolite products, but these materials are not always at hand and are not so easy to make this "weapon".Learn how to make traditional sword, you can read our article - How to make a sword.

-step description of how to make the blade from a paper

First of all, you need to have on hand all the necessary materials and tools.In this case useful:

  • paper (a couple of stacks of old newspapers, or a roll of paper wallpaper);
  • glue (PVA or paste plain);
  • template, on which will be manufactured blade, stationery knife;
  • fine sandpaper;
  • varnish;
  • aerosol or other paint (silverfish);
  • press;
  • gouache.

can make the blade from a cardboard like paper - in the same way.

Next you need to make a mold, which consists of three parts - the handle, the blade guard and proper.To take this graph paper and on it using a ruler and pencil to draw a strip of 1 meter, a width of approximately 10-15 cm, one end of which is cut in the shape of an arrowhead.Garda is to be performed in the form of a circle or an oval with a slit in the center, which will fit the base of the blade.To make the handle mold T-shaped.

Further, to make the blade of the paper, as well as a sword, it is necessary to glue together more layers of paper, the thickness of the blade of the future was not less than 4-5 cm. Then put the paper under pressure and wait until the glue dries.When compressed paper stick together completely out of it for the patterns you can cut parts of the blade.After cutting the edges may remain barbs that need to carefully remove the sandpaper.

You can also learn how to make a paper sword - it would be useful to read our article - How to make a paper sword.

blade assembly

Next on the plan as the manufacture of the blade made of cardboard and paper, have to build parts of the craft.We need to stick together with the blade and the handle hilt.After drying primed and covered with white gouache blade, and after drying to spray it silver paint from the spray.

about another method of manufacturing a toy sword you can learn from the article - How to make a sword.