How to make notes ?

How to make notes ?

Notepad or notebook - it is an essential thing for everyone.Of course, you can buy it at any store, but much more interesting to do with his own hands so that the notebook was a unique and convenient for you personally.Moreover, it is not so difficult, it is enough to read this article and you will know how to make a bookmark.

To start

This technique resembles the classic book binding.To start, you need a simple office paper.You can combine any color, sew separators, etc.Take, for example, A4 size paper (80 g / sq. M.) Beige and vanilla colors and designer color tracing paper (90 g / sq. M.).

How to make notes with his hands

  • Pick paper sheets in a notebook.If the density of your paper is about 80 g / sq.m., there will be an optimum pick five sheets.Of the heavier paper is better to make notebooks for 2-3 leaves.
  • Fold in half on a notebook a few times until you get the desired thickness of the future unit.I got 13 notebooks, which means that the notebook is 130 A5 leaflets.
  • to remain on paper not damaged by staples, and it is uniformly compacted, lay at the root next block two pieces of cardboard binding and secure back office using the clips.Leave the unit under pressure to at least 5 hours.
  • Once compacted notebook, open the clip and straighten the spine.It's enough to knock him down on the table.Smooth spine re-attach the clips on both sides of the vertical.
  • propylene now 6 holes on the spine at the same distance.I used a sheet-blank notepad with markings for format A5.You can also use it, download and print here.If you have a non-standard size, mark the block with a ruler and pencil.
  • propylene holes on the spine, if you wish, you can draw a straight mark on it and pierce awl holes in each notebook.
  • When the holes are ready, start to flash, unlock the unit.You will need two fabric ribbons.I had cotton.Pick a width of tapes that will fit between the two holes.
  • preferred stitch, putting the unit to face him on the edge of the table.Do as you wish, but try to keep the paper is not soiled or crumpled in the sewing.It can be difficult for beginners.For firmware I used the needles for leather and thread crochet "Iris".Put a notebook in front of him on the table, her sew a seam called "forward needle", a single thread, leaving the tail on the outside.Tapes of tissue puncture is not necessary, just bend them a thread.
  • Top stitched notebook, put the second.Just be careful not to mix up the left and right edges, ie,do not turn them.Insert the needle into the hole of the second notebook and flash the same way as the first book.Cling to a thread for thread earlier notebooks in the bend of the tape.
  • Reaching the edge, tie a working thread tail, you leave, tie at 2-3 knots.On the third notebook do the same itself.At the place where the tape, hook the thread operating in one previous.Sew and third book.Tie a knot to connect all three notebooks, it is necessary to do a needle in a thread between the first and second notebooks.Bring the needle so that you have a loop, then slide the needle in a loop.
  • to knot came tight, press together a notebook.
  • As a result, you should have a regular sewing knot that tied at the end of sewing.After that, report any remaining notebooks on top, each When sewing to the unit, do not forget to tie knots on the edges.
  • When you will end the thread replace her in that moment, when you are on the tape, that it was not already visible in the finished product.
  • Once you sew all notebooks, tie side just two - three sewing unit.
  • Now again put between cartons block.Note the smooth spine: notebooks should lie to one another.
  • Button is an impromptu press the top and bottom.
  • Take Silicone Sealant "Moment" to glue back.It will allow you to glue it so that it remains elastic and, after drying, and notes will be free to open and scrolled.Apply sealant to the spine and smudge it along the sponge pad so that each slot was filled.Fill each slot, remove excess sealant layer and align.
  • Again Pinch along the entire spine clip.Leave the unit under pressure for a few hours so that it can dry.
  • At this time, prepare endpapers.Take two leaf A4 heavy paper of about 180 g / sq.m. Make the middle creasing and fold the sheets in half to a beautiful side is inside.
  • Remove the unit from the press.Before bookend stick, stick a couple of sheets of kraft paper, that the product has become more solid, and ribbons lined terrain.Paste kraft pencil glue and glue on top of the tape.
  • Before you make notebook paper, glue endpapers.It is better to use glue Moment Crystal.Put the paper leaf to the glue did not get to undesirable places.After uncheck sheet, paste the flyleaf, and on top of it with craft glue ribbons.
  • Align all edges of the block.To do this, buy a simple guillotine cutter or a knife, cut the hand building.It can be attributed to the printing unit, where you will shorten it for little money (from 5 to 15 rubles per unit) or even for free.

How to make notes of

  • block Take two cardboard binding, the format of which slightly exceeds the block size and a piece of cardboard for the spine (300 g / sq. M.).
  • Cut the cardboard, putting it on a block to three sides was 5 mm bleed, and the spine was reduced by 6-7 mm.
  • on cardboard to make a few bigovok spine at a distance of 3 mm from each other.Glue the back to cover.You can glue the top layer of fleece to notebook was softer.The frame is ready
  • Now we need a cover for a notebook.His hands to do it is not difficult.Prepare a piece of fabric, 15-20 mm larger than the actual cover.Nautyuzhte and iron the cloth, put it on the cover frame.Apply glue to 3-5 mm from the edge.Seal and long sides.The corners are neat, proutyuzhte them and seal.

How to decorate a notebook

Add on the cover of jewelry, you can sew them or attach to the eyelets.Engage with the howl of the imagination, if you want to decorate a notebook or liquid pearls themselves draw a variety of interesting patterns.At the end, make sure the top with glue on the cloth pad to cover the front and rear sides.Your notebook is ready!