How to make a nice envelope ?

How to make a nice envelope ?

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How to make beautiful envelope?

are going to present as a gift to bank notes, a postcard or a letter, you need to think about how to arrange them.For this you need a paper envelope.It is not necessary to use a conventional e-mail, because you can make an original gift envelope yourself.We offer you an idea of ​​how to make beautiful envelope with his hands.

Making a simple envelope

We consider the simplest method of making the envelope - for those who are not strong in the art of origami.Especially when used in addition oformitelnye different materials, such envelope can look quite elegant.

So, we need:

  • square sheet of heavy colored paper (or paper with illustrations, you can use a sheet of wallpaper);
  • scissors;
  • items for decoration (stickers, lace, beads, etc...);
  • PVA glue;
  • thick needle.

scheme implementation

  1. If the paper is one-sided, put it colored side down.Fold the sheet in half vertically, we outline the fold and straighten.We perform the same action across.
  2. the bottom half of the sheet is visually divided into three parts.Bend 1/3 of the half to the center.
  3. right and left corners bend bent strip.
  4. lateral edges of the resulting figure to the bend in the center of the width equal to the width of the folded triangles (see. Figure).
  5. Angles top of the sheet bend to the center line of the parties to a triangle match.
  6. resulting corner bend down and put them in the pocket.

envelope ready!It can be decorated with contrast color lace (lace glue strip on the PVA glue along or across the envelope, do not forget about the "valve"), bright stickers.An interesting variant of execution - a thick needle to pierce holes in the shape of a butterfly, a flower or other ornament.Beautiful beads sewn on the flap pocket and can also decorate your envelope.Now he is not ashamed to give away!Other ideas

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