How to make a cube out of paper ?

How to make a cube out of paper ?

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How to make a cube out of paper?

Now we try to understand how to make a paper cube.There are simple and complex ways to create a cube, look at both.

simple way to

Take a piece of paper and draw a cube unassembled on paper.Take, for example, a cube with edge 3 cm Draw 6 squares with a side of 3 cm as follows:.. 4 squares with common sides draw in a row, and the third drawn from both sides add one more.We get cross squares.Then, on the top three squares "cross" by adding 0.7 cm. Allowance for gluing.Then we cut our piece, bend the lines and collect allowances sticking to the main part.Ready cube should be left to dry for a while.

To produce multicolored cube before bonding resulting razrisuy all squares on the front side of pencils of different colors.

hard way

With the second method, you will learn how to collect the cube without using glue.

For the manufacture of the cube, we need 6 sheets of A4 paper (paper can be colored) and scissors.If you follow the instructions, then you get the correct figure.

  1. A4 sheet of paper is folded in diagonal so that you have a triangle.As a result, you will have an extra piece of paper that you want to cut.
  2. resulting square folded in half and return it back, during which on the sheet will fold.Fold the ends of the sheet to the fold line on both sides.
  3. again straighten and bend your hand has two opposite angles to each other, and again bend the outstretched hand.
  4. Then bend the other two corners, but larger: one of them is hiding inside (at the opposite side of the paper), and cover with a second sheet.As a result, you get a figure in the form of a square.
  5. Both ends of the bend so as to obtain a square.One of the six parts is ready, we can start manufacturing other parts.
  6. Fold in the same way for another 5 parts.
  7. now proceed to collect the figures, and for that attach to a pocket of some other details of the folds.Parts are assembled in pairs.Then attach pairs to each other and ready our cube.

That's how your own hands can make a cube.