How to draw Elsa stages ?

How to draw Elsa stages ?

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How to draw Elsa stages?

animated film "The Cold Heart" from the company «Walt Disney Pictures» loved by many.The most beautiful heroine in this movie - a brave princess Elsa.With a simple pencil and markers can gradually draw this character.Let's talk about how to draw a princess in more detail.

As gradually draw Elsa

To draw princess Elsa, you will need:

  • album sheet;
  • simple pencil;
  • markers;
  • eraser.


  1. Create the shape of the head.To do this, we define the scale at the top of the album leaf, draw a circle with a pencil.Divide it into two guide lines.Along the vertical line, draw the nose and above the horizontal line picture the eye ovals.Under the terms of draw mouth.Outside the circle make facial contours, as well as highlight the ear;due to the rotation of the head of the second ear is not visible.
  2. Draw eyes.At Elsa's very beautiful and big eyes.First you have to identify their shape and size.Draw two circles.This will be the eyeball and the iris.Then picture the pupil - a small round hole in the iris.It is better to hatch a soft pencil.Then circle the lips.
  3. not need to press too hard on the pencil.The lines should be smooth.Further, from the eye contour, draw eyelashes.At the root of their need to make a thicker, and at the tips - thin.lash ends must be bent upward.
  4. Draw eyebrows.Please mark the their form, and then Draw hairs, giving them the desired blackness.
  5. hair Elsa lush and braided into a long, thick braid.With wavy lines draw princess hair.Also, do not forget to draw a scythe.She is the heroine curled over his shoulder.To draw a pigtail, draw the layout of the three lines.This is the middle and the edges of the future braids.Spend on the center line of zigzag.Next Draw the strand, add shadows and draw on the tip of the gum.

Alternatively, the braid can also be graphed using fragments, resembling the shape of hearts, located one after the other.

We represent the body axis

Generally, in the fine arts the most difficult character to draw the torso.Therefore, we can focus on the geometric shape - trapezoid.It is in form very similar to the body axis.In the case of Princess Elsa body must be represented in the form of a small oval.Schematically lines mark the position of the hands, the back, as well as select the dress.

  • first draw a neck.Draw it with two identical and short vertical lines.They must be placed symmetrically with respect to the axis.
  • Next, draw the shoulders - small lines that go down under a small bias.The waist area of ​​the vertical slide bar.
  • heroine dress is embroidered with decorative beads.Draw them on your figure.

If you make a mistake while drawing, correct it using the eraser.Paint the finished drawing with colored markers or crayons.

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