How to draw an elf ?

How to draw an elf ?

Under the influence of a number of books and films about the world of "fantasy", we know very well about the elves.This marvelous creation, which is subject to the magic of nature, and because these creatures are so popular among children and teenagers.But even adults looking "Lord of the Rings", likened himself to the famous elf Legolas.In this article we will tell about how a pencil to draw an elf, how to transfer all the features of this creature.

Before you start drawing the creature, think and Draw in my head elf model.Pay attention to the body, the shape of the head, hands, and, of course, the ears - is the main feature of these fantastic creatures.

Now we will look at how to draw an elf in stages:

  • First of all, begin to depict the head.Use standard technique - geometric shapes.Pay your attention to what form the head, using curved lines to its image.Also do not forget about the pointed chin and jaw graceful elf.This gives him an innocent, good-looking appearance.
  • also picture a slightly disheveled hair, sloppy, long graceful strands - all this makes the pencil lightly, add volume.Do not forget the eye, notably their luster, it will add a special charm to your drawing.
  • At this stage, pay attention to the elf's body.Also, using the usual geometric shapes, draw the shape.Draws the core muscles and muscles that make them a rounded shape.Do not forget that these bodies should be tall and slender, youthful look.
  • Bear in mind that this is a fantastic creature, show body language depicting elves in different positions.Add them to the magical possibilities (lightning and things like that).
  • very important element - the clothes!Various gems, lockets, pendants.Draw beautiful, elegant dresses that will fly as - to the wind.Use all your imagination.

Now you know how to draw an elf!

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