How to tie a rug hook ?

How to tie a rug hook ?

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How to knit a rug hook?

hand-made things always look stylish and original.It is no exception, and this element of the interior as a small pad feet.It can be made from almost improvised means such as unwanted scraps of fabric or yarn remnants.This can be one of the easiest ways - crochet.If you still do not know how to knit a rug hook, you can learn it quickly and easily.By the way, you can use round rugs and bedding on a chair or stool.

What will it take for the future of the mat

is best as a material for future use pasture rug thick thread or long strips of cloth cut from old bed sheets or unnecessary dresses.hook size is determined by the thickness of the yarn, so it was convenient to grab a thread.It should be 2 times thicker.Previously, a large hook for rugs was made independently of an old toothbrush.Now the big hook is easy to buy in any store for needlework.They do not always lie on the windows, so check with the vendors.

How to Knit a round rug?

can, of course, to connect an ordinary box, but much more interesting to look round option.

consider how to tie a round rug hook:

  1. knotted loop at the end of the thread and put through her hook.Then picks up the tool string above the loop and is passed out.This is called an air loop.We collect a chain of about 3-4 loops.
  2. As we knit a round mat, you need to fix the loops in the ring.To this end, the hook is inserted through the first loop.Eagle Eye 2 loops through which extend a thread.It turns out the ring, sealed with a column without nakida.If before you thread the hook into the loop, pounce on him the thread, will post with a higher nakida.
  3. Make some lifting of air loops and start knitting in a circle, periodically adding columns, vyvyazyvaya two in one loop.When the move to the next row, pass through the hook you need will be in the upper part of the column.Do not forget about the connecting loop.

emerge with circuits have problems reading some young handy people.But they are very easy to read.Since grandma knit crochet rug easiest it is for this tip, you need to know what each symbol.

Key Legend:

  • circle - air loop;
  • cross - bar without nakida;
  • high cross - bar with nakida;
  • cross with two sticks - double column nakida.

As you can see, everything is quite simple and such pads are knitted very fast.