How to become a rapper ?

How to become a rapper ?

brilliant rappers life attracts young people, especially as the stories of famous rap artists alike.Almost all of them were ordinary people, but now basking in the glory and money.However, one desire: "I want to become a rapper!"not enough to live this music, do my best to write a decent text to people they liked, and they went to your performances.

First Steps

First, we should score his MP3 player rap music and listen to it anywhere.While listening should sing, you might want to change anything, so proceed, write the words.So you can learn how to rhyme words a bit and you'll easily make freestyles.With this ability, you will be able to participate in various battles and friezes.As a result, you develop your own style, its own slang and you will begin to appear fans.How to become a rapper?It is necessary to examine the work of the most famous performers of this genre, both domestic and foreign.As a result, you will understand their slang and to interact with other rappers more freely.In addition, since you will be able to join the crowd, you will need to attend regularly.

acquire reperskim outfit

To be able to read a little rapper rap, you also need to look like a real rapper.To do this, you must get a outfit that dictates this direction.Otherwise, become their "own" you will not succeed.The main features are reperskogo style baggy trousers, sweatshirt, baseball cap or knitted cap and sneakers.And all the clothes to be several sizes larger.In general, you need to have hung it on, and that it was plausible, it is best to buy all the clothes in the Secon hende.

How to become a famous rapper

Once you have learned to do freestyles and dressed up, probably you already have regular fans, but that is far from the star.And the question arises: how to become a famous rapper?Not to participate in the battles, you need to expand the audience.This can be done only if participate in various competitions and festivals.But remember that you should decide on the style of performance, and with the promise that you will be in mass.If you want to attract a female audience, it is better to choose the lyrics with a touch of romance if street kids, the gangsta rap or underground.It should also be constantly writing songs, create your own beats.At first, to have a CD with his own songs can be written with special programs, and then when the well-known producers will appreciate your talent, your record will sell all over the country.And then you will already be able to hand out tips on how to become a rapper in Russia in his interview.