How to tie a doll with needles ?

How to tie a doll with needles ?

Dolls associated with needles, are now quite popular.In this article I will tell you how to tie the doll with needles, but first I note that it is quite hard work, requiring special attention and a lot of patience.Of course, experienced knitters and knitters (yes, there are men who are very well knit), will be able to tie the doll with his own hands without much difficulty.And those who do it for the first time, we consider in detail.We'll start, as usual, with the necessary materials.Next, write out in detail feet knitting and hand puppets, because, as practice shows, it is a matter of limbs knitting most time-consuming.And of course, in the end, I'll give you a link to a good scheme for all parts of the doll's body.

Knitting needles dolls materials and equipment

We need:

  • filler;
  • spokes (2.5 or 3 mm);
  • long darning-needle;
  • yarn yellow;
  • flesh-colored yarn.

density knitted shall be as follows: 26 loops on the 36 series.Basic patterns are.

  • The front surface of: facial facial ranks of the loop, the loop purl - respectively, backstitches.
  • Wrong expanse: here loops purl knit in facial rows and rows backstitches, on the contrary, the facial.

pearl pattern selected, that is, in each row must be: one face, then another and another front loop Wrong - these actions should be repeated as long as the number does not end.And now proceed to the process of knitting.

Knit doll

For starters, expand our needlework and provyazyvaem the number of loops, which is specified in the scheme (a reference to the scheme will be applied at the end).Now turn the product upside down to him.Working thread must be placed on the rear side work.Next, you need to throw a loop on the right needle to the left.Now position the working thread between the removed loop and loop right spokes.Perekin'te then loop back to do this you need to have the left to the right needle.Continue to work and continue with the remaining loop on the right needle, and leave in this series do not knit.In this case, the working thread is wrapped around the base of the 1st loop which is on the right spoke.This is necessary in order to turn left at the hole, as well as a number of shortened vyvyazyvaniya.This series is known to an experienced craftsmen, not allow any additions or subtraction of loops.Also note that it is best to vyvyazyvayut series in the drawing.Now we proceed to knitting lace loops.Lace should be located on the front side of the work.Here you should enter the needle through the 1st loop and then through the 1st hole in the lace.Thereafter provyazyvaem 1 front loop, as usual.

legs doll

start with the soles, which are necessary to link two pieces.We collect five loops and provyazyvaem so two rows.Then mark the center of a number of typesetting, which will be the middle of the back.Now in the following 3 ranks of 1 is added on each side of the loop, all the loops 11 should turn.Provyazyvaem number 1 and add one loop on both sides of the next row, and then provyazyvaem in every second row another 2 rows of 17 loops.So you need to knit 11 rows.Then, in the next 2 rows shorten the 1 st to 13 loops happened.Provyazyvaem a number, and then again by reducing the 1st loop on each side.Total turns 11 loops.Now once again and then the row reduction (up to 7 in number of loops).Next provyazyvaem some more and close the loop.Then it is necessary to link the upper part of the foot (of course, in two copies).To do this, we collect 8 loops and provyazyvaem par.And we add the following five ranks 1 st on each side and a number of provyazyvaem.Now add the 1 st to the 2 sides of the next row, and then again to the 2nd row.A total of 22 loops.Add more loop - total will be 24. Provyazyvaem a number, add the 1 st on both sides and once in the second row - now hinges will have 28. And then provyazyvaem 2 rows to have turned 36 loops.Then the last row on both sides of labels and do in the next two rows are reducing the 1 st to 32 loops happened.Next provyazyvaem some more, reducing even 1 st on both sides, came to 28 loops and, finally, round off the front.How to do it?

finish feet

Provyazyvaem row as follows: 2 sts together with facial loops, and then another 10 facial hinge, then close the next 4 sts and knit front embroidery to the last two loops.Provyazyvaem front embroidery two loops together and mark the center of the 4 closed loops.Now shorten the 1 st on both sides of the first row, and once for the second row.Total we have obtained 7 loops.Then at the end of a number of reducing loop 1 - 6 will remain loops.Reduced from both sides even on the 1 st - total will be 4 loops.In the next two rows, reducing even 1 st - will be two loops.Finally, provyazyvaem them along the front and fasten thread embroidery, do not forget to mark a point.Now we have to turn inside out the work to itself, to tie a thread, and start knitting the second leg in the same way.After that, we proceed to hand knitting.

Knitting needles doll:

hand to hand recruit 5 sts and 1 row of facial provyazyvaem now add the 2 loops on each side and at the end of another loop, we get a total of 11 loops.To add a new row at the end of one loop (12 loops) then the loop on each side (14 loop) and 6 rows so provyazyvaem.Then start to cut - the next 3 rows of 13 loops, then nine rows of 11 loops (remove at the end of the first two series in one loops), and then provyazyvaem 8 more rows with the addition of a loop at the beginning of the 1st series (total 8 series in12 loops).Next to each row we dump the 1 st until there are no more 4 loops.Now vyvyazyvayut two loops together twice and then two loops together - will total 1 loop.Fix the thread and knit the other arm in the same way, but the wrong embroidery.The hardest part is over.Now we have to tie body (the form can choose by yourself or use one of the diagram below) and sew all the pieces together, which, in general, much easier knitting.And now get to know the most interesting schemes dolls with needles, which I picked up for you.It is for these schemes we knit with you feet and hands:

As you can see, everything is painted in detail.At the moment, this is probably the best of what you can find on the net, as the rest of the circuit that I watched were in Japanese and Chinese.