How to tie a hook edge products ?

How to tie a hook edge products ?

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How to tie a hook edge products?

Any Knits - hat, blouse, jacket, looks great for many reasons.Firstly, you have done yourself!Already admirable.Secondly, such a thing no one.Third, if you get bored after a month, some of it you can always make another one!Or decorate a ready-made thing a beautiful finish.For this purpose it is necessary to get to know how to tie a hook edge products.You can take a contrasting color thread, and can be done in openwork piping tone.But one thing we can say for sure - any knitted article is to be bound about.This will give the final form of your things, prevent twisting the edges, and it is, after all, very practical, the edges will not rub, especially in the sleeves.

simplest tying

start to learn how to tie a beautiful region, with the most simple method.Take the edge of the article and a thread.Pass the first stitch over the edge.Then, stepping back 2-3 mm, thread the second loop, and then bind them together as a loop.Then again, back down and do the loop, resulting provyazyvaete two loops together.And so go the whole region.The most important thing in this trim, is the observance of the same step loops.If you are going to retreat then 2, then 5 mm, the edge will be ugly, and no "creativity" you do not cover up.

Rachy step

If you have already made a simple harness, the second can make the next pattern "rachy step."Now, in each loop, thread and you do a column, then nakida, and it is passed in a loop of the column and the first has already made a loop.And so on - column, nakida, stretch two loops.Figure turns simple, but beautiful.Its main advantage is that it is very firmly holds its shape border and the edge of things.Your armhole will not warp, the sleeve will not pull to one side.

Openwork harness

If you tied the edge of the elegant things, it is more logical to do openwork harness.First row to secure form, you still have to do this, as we have said.And now, for the first row start made to perform drawing.Knit a chain of five loops, and attach it to the harness through 3 loops.Due to the difference in the loops, you get an arc over the edge.So you go around the whole region.Then do the same thing, only mount the arc to the existing arcs midway.So you can do a number 2, if the harness should be small, and if there is an opportunity to showcase the beauty of knitting, it is possible to link more than 5 series.If you are so tied cuffs, you can add an arc with a large number of loops, flared sleeves will, in the manner of the Spanish.It is very beautiful, practical, original.You can get involved in arc beads, then your openwork is also very original.

Openwork bars (flowers)

Making the first fixing a number, and then back down to 3 mm, making the first column, it will be on all the offset distance.Then do the same place a few more columns, as a rule, they should do 5 pieces.Then the last one, the fifth, still anchoring 3mm from our principal place of mounting bars.You can do it like a semicircle, like the flower of five petals.So it is necessary to tie the whole region, if desired, you can pass the second row.Colors can vary the trim in shades from light to dark, for example.It is a beautiful view of the binding, which can be used as a pattern for knitting the whole thing.It is a dense and elegant at the same time.

at addresses crazy hands and Tying hook you will find a lot of schemes that tell how to tie a hook edge.Good luck in your work!