How to catch a fishing rod ?

How to catch a fishing rod ?

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How to catch a fishing rod?

Fishing - one of the few studies available do for everyone.income level, age - does not matter.You only need a body of water, which is found in fish, and desire.This article gives advice on how to catch fish on the bait, and what are all kinds of fishing rods.

Types of fishing gear

A variety of fishing gear, in fact, is not amenable to calculation.Almost every nation has its own in each area, a favorite fishing method.

All sports fishing equipment can be divided into three categories:

  • float rod;
  • spinning;
  • bottom rod.

Stand out tackle for ice fishing, but this species or Donkey, or float tackle.Nevertheless, we will discuss below about them.In the meantime, start with the float rod and how to catch the float rod.

float rod

float rod - the simplest and most democratic tackle.It does not require strength and stamina, only patience.But the patience of fishing at all important, no matter what gear you choose.

float rod consists of

  • rod;
  • coil;
  • fishing line;
  • float;
  • sinkers;
  • hooks.


Not long ago, the main material for the rod was bamboo.But now on the market, there are many gears of modern materials for every taste and budget.Do not chase the most expensive tackle.It is not necessarily the best.Especially, if you are - beginner fisherman.The first thing you need to decide when choosing a rod - length.It depends on how you are going to fish: from a boat or from the shore.For fishing from the shore is best to choose a telescopic rod by three meters.The principle is simple: longer rod - then you can throw the bait.The boat is a long rod will rather interfere.

sure should be checked as is the rod in his hand, whether it is convenient to work with.You should also pay attention to the strength of the rod, how much weight it can bear.It will be a shame to miss the prey and lose gear due to a fault.The desired characteristics always in the technical documentation for a tackle.

Lesko Lesko should be selected based on, again, the estimated weight of future production.The main feature - the fishing line breaking strength.It is listed on the packaging.Do not take the line with a large margin - thick monofilament scare away the prey.

Float Float must be clearly visible on the water.This is the main requirement to it.


load is selected so that the float is not sinking and well kept on the surface.

If properly catch on the float rod, picking up the right bait, then this gear can catch almost any fish.

float rod fisherman requires perseverance, and most importantly - complete silence while fishing.Remember, the sound is perfectly distributed on the water.

Bottom fishing rod Bottom fishing rod

in its simplest form - fishing line with hooks and cargo.In contrast to the float rod, donk, you can throw a lot further, but it is only suitable for catching fish that feed near the bottom.Sometimes a bottom bait is collected on a spinning rod.This allows you to continue to throw the bait and the fish easier vyvazhivat.For fishing bait on the bottom of the bottom of the reservoir should be smooth, without stones and driftwood.Otherwise, you can just break the line or break the hooks when removing oil from water.

Spinning Spinning rods in the list stands.It is designed exclusively for catching predatory fish.It consists of

  • rod;
  • coil;
  • fishing line or cord;
  • bait.


A variety of baits for fishing spinning huge, but they are united by one thing.In the water, they mimic the movement of the victim of a predator.Immediately after casting the bait fisherman starts to wind the fishing line on the spool and the bait starts to move.

To fish on a bait, we have to be constantly on the move, look where lurking predator.Often in search of prey are fishermen kilometer path along the shore.Spinning - the most active type of fishing, but also the most difficult technically.It is important to be able to correctly and accurately throw the bait and carry it right into the water, to motivate and to outwit the fish.This is achieved only long practice.

Anyone who at least once caught a pike weighing three to five kilograms, will not forget that feeling ever.

Tackles for winter fishing

As mentioned above, to tackle under-ice, winter fishing - the variety or the float rod or Donkey.But they have their own characteristics, to say that you must be.In the winter the fish are caught from the ice, a long rod there is absolutely no good.Therefore gear is never longer than half a meter.

winter float fishing rod differs from the usual sizes only: it has a small rod and a small float.The only significant difference is that the load is adjusted so that the float is completely gone under water.Otherwise, it just vmёrznet in ice.

Another kind of winter fishing - fishing jig.Tackle even easier:

  • rod;
  • fishing line;
  • bait.

The most interesting thing is that as a fisherman works with tackle.The very bait, jig, is lowered into the water column and the fisherman constantly poddёrgivaet her, imitating the movement of production.Here, too, the skill comes only with experience.

Sometimes you can hear the opinion that they catch the bait does not all the fish.Sure, some species are very difficult to outsmart, to catch them tackle difficult and expensive.But almost any fish, especially from freshwater reservoirs, can be extracted with the help of the fishing line, hook and bait.And, of course, skill angler.

To consolidate their knowledge, view instructional videos, which states how to fish the bait.