How do I link takes ?

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How do I link takes?

Beret - a wonderful head-dress for children and adults that will never go out of fashion.And every mother wants her baby was cute knitted beret.So today we will understand how to knit beret.

Knit beret knitting needles - the most simple scheme

Our article is intended for those new to knitting, so to begin with, we describe the scheme of how to tie takes for beginners.It is best for beginners get to do it in 5-spoke design.

  1. need to Knit in a circle, namely in the four spokes, the fifth the same - it is working.We collect as many loops as to obtain a head circumference, so knit a few rows of rubber.
  2. After this move to a more complex stage - to decrease the loop twice (how to do it - see the lessons in basic knitting), so knit still approximately 3-4 cm Repeat the last step, again reducing the number of loops in half..
  3. Knit two loops, constantly diminishing your takes until there 7-9 loops.Through them, you need to stretch the thread and carefully hide it inside the beret.This is the easiest way how to tie takes for girls or women.

Generally, children berets are not much different from the models for adults, so the main thing - is to learn the above scheme, then you will understand how to tie takes the children.And, sure, you can do it with ease!

on the spokes, often, knitted berets winter or inter-seasonal, but in order to bind the beautiful beret to wear in the summer, you will have to learn crochet scheme.For more information please read the article - How do I link takes spokes.

How to tie a hook takes years

  1. First you need to make a chain of loops, for example, six.
  2. This chain is connected, you can begin to knit the first row - provyazyvayte each loop twice (with nakida columns), and the final number of the connecting column.
  3. Next you need to knit as follows: first loop provyazyvaete once, the second - two.So alternate until the end of the series, which concludes, again, connecting column.
  4. next row is knitted as follows: the first two loops are knitted on one of the column and the third - twice.
  5. In the third row twice provyazyvaetsya every fourth loop, the rest - once.
  6. In the fourth - every fifth loop provyazyvaetsya twice;in the fifth - sixth twice each, and the remaining, still at once.This circle to associate so that its diameter is equal to half the circumference of the head.
  7. Once the circle is ready, you need to knit a few rows further conventional columns (without subtraction and addition) - this will be the foundation of our berets, which, in fact, put on his head.Now that you know how to tie takes the summer quickly and easily.

For a start is better to use a simple scheme described above, and then later, when the skills become more advanced, you can try yourself in knitting more complex and sophisticated patterns.Also we recommend that you read a good article on the topic - How to tie a hook takes.