How to fish for pike ?

How to fish for pike ?

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How to fish for pike?

pike is a desirable target for every angler.Its habitat are the natural reservoirs in the main northern hemisphere.Pike is characterized by a long body and a pointed shape of the head.These features make it possible to recognize it among many other fish.However, the main feature of the pike is its aggressive nature.It is a predator-a loner, so catch it can be quite difficult.In this article we will look at how to catch pike.

Period fish

The best time to fish is during the thaw, when the fault occurred only ice, or in the end of the spawning season - a week after breaking the ice on the pond.In the northern hemisphere a good period for the fish is September and October.At this time, the fish will be prepared for the winter and store fat.Details on catching period can be found in the article When to fish for pike.

bait for pike

The best bait is live bait fish: as it is suitable minnow or small carp.If you want to catch a small pike, it is best to catch it on the worms.If you choose to fish ponds or lakes, it is recommended to catch frogs.Read more in the article on that catch pike.

time of day for fishing

best time of day to catch pike - this morning.Also, you can successfully catch the pike during the evening twilight.

During cooling pike becomes more energetic and actively looking for prey, so nibble on cloudy days would be better.The best places pike habitat are thickets, whirlpools or tihovode.We recommend to read the article Where to catch pike.

Next, consider how worth catching pike.

Pike fishing on spinning

Spinning is a standard rod for pike.Your chosen spinning must be of not less than 2.5 and not more than 6 kg.Leashes - Metal can Zhilkova.The thickness of the fishing line within 0.5 mm;length - 100 m

To catch pike, can not sit in the same place for more than 20 minutes..It is necessary to periodically change the place of fishing.However, if you catch the bottom pike, you will have to stay in place for several hours.And you will have to follow the lure to keep it stuck in snags or any undergrowth.

The best pike fishing tactics is to use gaff or podsachka.If you catch a pike from a boat and without special tools, you will need to deal with it.After the pike will be tired, you will want to grab her head and pressed on the eyes, pull out of the water.

safety rules when fishing

Pike is a very aggressive fish.There are cases when it is a result of the struggle for a fisherman pulled.Therefore pike fishing should be implemented not alone and with a partner.One has to fight the pike, and the other - to catch it with the gaff.

Despite the seemingly small weight and dimensions, pike able to fight for a long time, so it must be catching a lot of effort.A special persistence different bottom pike.

Finally it should be noted that the pike usually love for medium strength.This feature can be used when fishing lure, bait casting across the current to the pike took her prey, which moves in the water.

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