How to alter the shirt ?

How to alter the shirt ?

If your clothes have any favorite things, like shirts, but they have become so common that they have to wear no desire.In such cases, you can either purchase a new item, or to remake old.And no matter whose it is, your or your man.There is always a thousand and one ways as to remake the shirt into something completely new and original.Moreover, we should not think that you can alter the shirt just a shirt with short sleeves and sleeveless blouses or interesting cut.Many other parts of the wardrobe can be modeled from old shirts.

Before alter shirt, you need to imagine what you want to get a result.To do this, you can draw a sketch of the future things, its component parts, and a list of necessary.


There are fairly simple ways to alter a man's shirt in elegant feminine blouse.For example, you can make a strict blouse to wear it then with a skirt and a jacket, made out of a man's suit.To create a blouse you will need a shirt of any color and 10 m of any finishing lace or lace.You must otporot shirt collar and sew around the neck several rows of lace to their fully closed rack.After, otporot cuff and repeat lace trim along the bottom of the sleeves and on the strap fastener.


If the shirt has a distinctive pattern or print, for example, a large square or strong "tropical" pattern, then alter it in a bathrobe.You must otporot of shirt cuffs and collar.After, Sew ribbons, braid or other decorations on the upper and lower edge of the rack shirt.You can also drape sleeve, it needs to build at a distance of 6 - 8 cm from the beginning of the sleeves, trimmed seam decor, a few rows of expandable lines.If you want to make a short-cut silhouette, it is necessary to lay on the back of the shirt folds depth of 1.5 cm on the waist line.


dress can make of a man's shirt, becauseit is larger in size and provides a great opportunity for sewing.If you want to make the dress sophisticated silhouette, for example, form-fitting, it is necessary to create a pattern with all the details.After, you need to cut out all the details of the pattern on the shirt.It is necessary to Sew side seams and details of the future bomber dresses in the right places, at the item before, on the back and on the sleeves doused.Then Sew yoke to the details of the back and forehand and Sew shoulder seams.Next, you need to Sew Sew sleeve seam and sleeves.After, you need to decorate the neck dresses and sew decor to the bottom of articles ruffles.

But, in addition to a man's shirt there are still ways on how to alter women's shirt in the original stuff.For example, to make a composite of women's dress shirts and t-shirts.To do this, cut the shirt on the breast line, along the lower edges of the breast pockets.And this line Sew the bottom of any T-shirt.T-shirt can be cut along the line, located on the lower edges of the sleeves.Be sure that the length of the product was appropriate.


It can alter from an old shirt with a large pattern or bright color shirts.This apron can be stitched from several constituent parts.Connecting seam can take place in the middle of the bottom of the apron and under nastrochennymi straps.Also, the additional seams can be "empty" on the sides.After compiling their data elements of the whole parts of the apron should be topstitch pockets in the form of plastic bags, which can be decorated on the trim side edges.The item should be bend and hem seam or overstitch.When, on the future need to topstitch the waist line on the reverse side of the fabric strip, where you want to insert a rubber band.The ends of the gum needs to be fixed up to 3 cm to the edge.The left side of the waist with an elastic band need to neaten the loop, and in the right need to sew a button.Harvested straps must be topstitch on bodice an apron, they should be joined in the middle at an angle.The ends of the straps must be attached to the upper oblique slices located on the back of skirt.

Now that you know what you can alter unnecessary shirt to wear it with pleasure and fashion.