How to make armor in Minecraft?

How to make armor in Minecraft?

Armor is needed to protect zvelichit player.Armor can be made of different materials such as leather, iron, gold, diamonds.There are armor-fire, which is unrealistic for get honest.Each armor consists of four composes.This helmet, cuirass, greaves and shoes.These components are required for each reservation.The current level of protection can be assessed on a scale armor.This scale appears toga, cord girok has at least one armor element.Thus, a meaningful scale armor will correspond to 80% protection.

recipes of how to make armor in Minecraft

Leather armor.

done from a huge number of skin and is very easy, inexpensive, but pretty solid.To obtain the necessary armor kind, objects are arranged in correspondence.

Iron armor.

How to make armor Maynkraft iron.

  • Find iron ingots
  • Place the bars in the order given

can make iron armor in the form of an iron helmet, breastplate, leggings and boots.

Golden Armor Production seems

leather armor, but the material is already gold bullion.To work hard to get such an expensive material, and you will provide protection to see several levels.

Diamond armor

is believed that the diamond armor is much stronger than all the others and for its production does not have to exert effort beyond.Materials for such a reservation is easy to find, as diamonds can get manually in any quantity.

Fire armor armor

have transparent texture and characteristics similar to iron, but its production will have to organize a pre-breaking equipment.It is believed that having made a fiery armor, the player prolongs your life, as it provides a high level of protection.

Here are a few specific examples.

  • helmet.Such materials will be needed - 5 pcs.the skin, the same metal ingots and pieces of gold, diamonds or fire.
  • bib can be made from 8 pieces of leather, metal sheets, gold bars, diamonds or stones of fire.
  • Leggings.It will take 7 One unit of each material.
  • shoes make 4 pieces of leather or other materials.