How to make a mechanism maynkrafte ?

How to make a mechanism maynkrafte ?

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Making mechanism maynkrafte?

mechanisms play a huge role in Maynkraft.It is through the mechanisms you can automate almost anything (eg, resource extraction, processing, home, etc..).After reading the article, you'll learn how to do in Maynkraft mechanism.We will look at the most basic and necessary mechanisms at first.


All elementary mechanisms can be found in the "Inventory" tab in the creative mode.Mechanisms - all objects, which can signal the Redstone.


mechanisms Here's how you can make a standard mechanisms maynkraft:

  • Redstone (in other words - the red dust in Redstone Maynkraft plays the role of electric wires and extracted using picks in natural or man-made mines.);
  • torch from Redstone (provides power for the wires from Redstone is most often used in complex arrangements and created from sticks and one unit of red dust.);
  • lever (applies to switch categories, and has two positions: "ON." And "off." The lever is used to activate a different mechanism for crafting the lever arm cobblestone and stick..);
  • key (also a switch, but by the arm characterized in that after activation by 0.5-1 second state returns to "off". It is constructed from a single block of stone or planks.);
  • repeater (this mechanism is necessary in complex applications where the red wire is longer than fifteen blocks. It is used for the delay, gain, repetition and direction signal in the right direction. For the construction of the repeater you will need to connect three stone, two torches from Redstone and one reddust);
  • pressure plate (a switch that can be activated by stepping on it or placing it on the subject he kraft two stones or boards.);
  • door (there are two types: steel and wood latter opens when you click PCM, and to open the iron door you must use the button or lever, it gets the six planks or metal ingots..);
  • pistons (these mechanisms are divided into two types: sticky piston and ordinary With their help, there is the movement of the blocks The difference is that a regular piston can only alienate blocks and sticky (deactivation) - More and return them to the starting position... They have a lot of applications to create a conventional piston you need three boards, four cobblestones, iron bar and Redstone To get sticky piston, you need to connect an ordinary slime)..;
  • dynamite (explosion destroys the blocks in the vicinity in a fairly large radius. It can be activated by pressing the button, plate, arm or scheme of red dust. If the blast radius gets another block of dynamite, he also explodes. Dynamite Kraft of foursand units and five units powder);
  • music notation unit (this unit is used to extract the sound signal through the red stone and is made of eight boards, and red dust);
  • distributor (it produces pre-placed objects in it, and is activated when the power supply for the construction of distributor you will need seven boulders, Redstone and onions.);
  • hatch (in fact, is the horizontal door Activated mouse or a signal to create the desired six wooden planks and iron bars..);
  • hook (. Or stretch the sensor is included in the switches and is mostly used in the creation of extensions of kraft he sticks, planks and iron ingot.);
  • gate (used to create a passage in the fence. It can be activated by pressing the right mouse button. For the construction of the gate, you'll need four poles and two boards).

As you become more experienced player and will understand the mechanics of the game, learn how to make more complicated mechanism than all of the above.