How to make a command block in maynkrafte ?

How to make a command block in maynkrafte ?

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How do command block in maynkrafte?

Command Block appeared in maynkrafte immediately.Only in version 1.4, players new opportunities.It is in this version maynkrafta users know what a command block, which is closely linked with the console commands.

What is the command block

Actually, the command block - a block, in which players prescribe certain commands.The command unit can be opened, if you click on it with the mouse.After that, the field will appear in which and write commands for execution.The following information is displayed on the result of the entered teams.

How do command block

Unfortunately, the average user do to command block in maynkrafte can not, in spite of the great desire of the player, because with the help of the command block in the virtual world you can fully control the map and conduct correspondence in the chat with all the players at the same time.Himself can not make a team unit, it is possible to get.There are several options of how to get command block.

  • command unit can be obtained from the server administrator, ask him right.To do this, use the command give Player command_block.Word Player replace the name of your character.
  • If you do create a server, you can use the command unit.
  • You can create a command block in minecraft using cheat codes.But there is one 'but'.Play will have a server that supports the use of cheat codes.You just need to enter the command give @p command_block.When you do this, open the creative interface mode, it is here and will need to enter commands.Final point - activate a red stone active command block.


To get a full list of commands you can register in the command box, enter the word help enough in the chat window.

By entering these commands, you will get the desired result:

  • give @ p iron_ingot 10 - 10 Iron Bars
  • setblock 42 21 60 wool - set the unit for coordinates x = 42, y = 21, z = 60
  • tp Player42 21 60 - teleported to the point with coordinates x = 42, y = 21, z = 60

can also use pointers to players:

  • @p - the nearest player;
  • @a - all players;
  • @r - casual gamer;
  • @e - all entities.
  • x - X coordinate of the center of the search;
  • y - Y coordinate of the center of the search;
  • z - Z coordinate of the center of the search;
  • r - maximum search radius;
  • rm - the minimum value of the radius of the search;
  • m - game mode;
  • l - the maximum amount of experience the player;
  • lm - the minimum amount of experience the player.