Can alcohol to pregnant women?

Can alcohol to pregnant women?

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Can alcohol to pregnant women?

Can pregnant women drink alcohol?A majority, of course, is no.The researchers suggest that alcohol really affects not only the health of mothers, but also her unborn child.

So why pregnant women are not recommended to drink alcohol?

Alcohol, even a lightweight like beer - contains alcohol, it is very harmful.And as you know, the future baby receives nutrients through the placenta.Placenta in turn receives it via the blood.And alcohol to very quickly falls, it can not but have a negative effect on the fetus.It has not yet been formed and the system does not work, which is neutralized with alcohol and output from the body.Therefore, alcohol is very bad effect on the child: it affects his brain and liver.

Pregnant women should not drink alcohol because of its use (especially excessive) can lead to miscarriage.Furthermore, even in the case of live births the child may be born unhealthy, with alcohol syndrome.Children with alcoholic syndrome are lagging behind their peers, both mentally and physically.

So, pregnant women drink alcohol is contraindicated.But often the girls there are situations when it is very difficult to avoid the alcohol.For example, different events, banquets, korparativy wedding of her best friend, etc.But if the toast is for someone's health your child's future?

British scientists have shown that drunk a couple of doses for the entire pregnancy does not adversely affect the unborn child.Spirits are absolutely contraindicated, but a glass of good red wine is even useful to maintain the level of hemoglobin.

Although it is believed that women who occasionally drink alcohol during pregnancy and gave birth to healthy children - most happy exception.In any case, do not risk the health of the unborn child, especially for the sake of alcohol.

Also, remember that alcohol harms expectant mothers even before the moment of conception of the child.The younger woman - the more damage alcohol inflict her body.The use of alcohol adversely affects the ovaries and they produce unhealthy egg.Consequently, the child will be exactly a health problem.In addition, doctors recommend when planning a pregnancy to give up alcohol prospective parents for at least three months before conception.