Can pregnant woman drinking tea ?

Can pregnant woman drinking tea ?

For every woman, pregnancy - is not just the nine months of waiting.And first of all, taking care of their health.During this period, young mothers no longer have many products in order to avoid allergies or unpleasant reactions that may occur in the body of a young woman or affect organs unborn baby.So, today we will talk about the usefulness of tea.

Everyone has long known this product.It is widely used in Russia and in other countries.Every day, almost every one of us takes this drink.Some hot and some prefer iced tea.We get together to discuss any questions and just relax with a cup of tea.But, here among you pregnant friend and you like it, wondering whether it is possible to drink tea pregnant?Is there a health hazard?To reassure you, I tell you details about how tea affects the health of pregnant women.Doctors do not give a definite answer.Some say that the tea contains caffeine, which is harmful to the baby, the other - note useful vitamins and minerals that are found in tea.

Green tea

Can I drink green tea pregnant?Green tea is not contraindicated.However, pay attention to the fact that it contains large amounts of caffeine, which badly affects the normal development of the fetus.At the same time we can not agree with the fact that this tea is known since ancient times for its healing properties.Physicians are advised not to drink for pregnant women strong, and in small quantities.And then there is no harm to health.

Herbal Tea Herbal Tea

- my friend!That's what can be said of herbal tea.Today, it is becoming increasingly popular.However, you should not drink such tea bags.It would not be good.Take natural, loose tea.Brewed herbal teas are very useful.They may contain as currant leaves, and your favorite fruit.They are well affect the health of not only pregnant women but all people without exception.

Mint tea

Many people wonder whether it is possible for pregnant women to drink tea with mint?Doctors say that it is necessary.And it's better at night, as the mint has a calming and relaxing effect.But in the morning you can drink tea with clover leaves, lemongrass and strawberries.What you will certainly cheer for the whole day.

White tea

Can pregnant tea one that called white?The answer: it is possible and necessary.It almost does not contain caffeine, on the contrary, it has a lot of calcium, which is required of the pregnant woman and her baby.

Nevertheless, it is better not to keen on the different varieties of tea.In all should be the measure.If you have not chosen a type of tea, I advise you to pay attention to white and herbal teas.They truly have a wonderful taste and healing properties.But remember, only buy in bulk, or you risk instead of white tea to drink ordinary and thus harm your health.