Can mushrooms pregnant ?

Can mushrooms pregnant ?

Probably no single product that would cause so much controversy, like mushrooms.Doctors almost unanimously opposed.Nutritionists often talk about their benefits.So whether or not to use this product, and whether it is possible to eat mushrooms pregnant?

Benefits and harms

Mushrooms have vitamins A, group B, P, S. They contain trace elements such as copper, zinc and niacin.Mushrooms are also a source of protein.

However, this protein is rather difficult to digest by the body.Thus, it is believed that children up to 8-10 years in general lack the enzyme that breaks down a protein contained in mushrooms.

Mushrooms also have the ability to accumulate harmful substances from the environment: lead, heavy metals, etc. That is why it is so frequent poisoning even edible species of mushrooms..

So there's mushrooms can be, but with great caution.

mushrooms during pregnancy

it possible to pregnant mushrooms?Doctors answer to this question is clear: NO.After all, the liver of the pregnant woman is working with double load, and hard to digest protein may be it can not.Mushrooms often cause allergies.Their use may cause severe toxicosis.

It should be noted that the use of fungi negatively affects not only the liver and the digestive system of the future mother, and child.

If you like mushrooms

Pregnant women are known to be moody people.What to do, if mushrooms like?So, can I?We will try all the same to warn expectant mothers.If you decide that you no fungi can not live, follow these rules.Do not eat mushrooms collected in nature (even you personally): they can grow by the side of the road, near the harmful production.

buy at the store mushrooms grown in greenhouses: mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, mushrooms, butter mushrooms.The product should be good to explore: the mushrooms must be fresh, free from mold, and worms.

pregnant Drink only boiled or stewed mushrooms, and in small quantities.Moreover, the heat treatment should last about an hour.

Is it possible to eat mushrooms pregnant if they are fried, pickled, salted, dried?These mushrooms have expectant mothers can not.They do not contain mineral substances and may cause edema, stomach pains, discomfort in the intestine.

So, despite all the beneficial properties of mushrooms, pregnant by their use it is better to abstain.