I can mandarins pregnant ?

I can mandarins pregnant ?

Many women during pregnancy there is a passion for citrus.No exception and tangerines, which expectant mothers are sometimes willing to eat pounds.However, you should know how much you can consume this fruit in the position of women, and what are the contraindications for its administration.In this article we will focus on whether it is possible mandarins during pregnancy and when they should be excluded from the diet.

Benefits mandarins during pregnancy

Tangerines for pregnant while respecting the norms are very useful fruit.It is no secret that in all citrus fruits contain ascorbic acid, which is very necessary for both mother and her baby.In addition, a full range of B vitamins, vitamins A, K, E, as well as calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus normalize heart function, strengthen the immune system and protect pregnant women against the development of many diseases.

fiber, which is contained in citrus fruits, useful for normal bowel functioning, and folic acid prevents birth defects.In addition, tangerines and other citrus fruits help women to cope with symptoms of toxicity in the early stages.

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harm mandarins

Although in general the question of whether the mandarins can be pregnant, should be answered in the affirmative, there are cases where their use is fraught with danger for the mother and her child.Contraindications for receiving mandarins during pregnancy are primarily gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, diabetes and gastritis.Also, citrus fruits are often the cause of heartburn and allergic reactions.

safest citrus is grapefruit and lemon, but even they are in large quantities can trigger unwanted effects.

important to remember that a high content of vitamin C in Mandarin is not always useful for pregnant women, because it is ascorbic acid increases the tone of the uterus, therefore, all necessary measure.

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