Can pregnant milk?

Can pregnant milk?

Today, many argue about the benefits of milk during pregnancy, it is not surprising that every expectant mother is important to obtain reliable information on the subject.Until a few decades ago, this question does not even arise, and cow's milk is not only drank themselves pregnant, they fed infants.But since there have been some changes.

What turned out

Science does not stand still, and numerous studies on nutrition confirm that milk is good not for everyone.Drink without limitation, it can only be the people who have it is well tolerated by the body.But everything else should be replaced by the use of fresh cow's milk dairy products, cheese or milk of other animals (eg, goats).

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Drinking milk during pregnancy

So, the main question - whether pregnant milk, answer - it is possible, if there are no reasons to refuse its use.It:

  1. Lactase deficiency.
  2. Digestive system diseases: enteritis, colitis, etc.
  3. Allergy to cow's milk protein...

Some people prefer to drink fresh milk, believing that in this way the body receives more nutrients.This is true, but it should be remembered that the processing is not required at the milk can be useful only when it is obtained entirely from a healthy animal.

milk Benefits

Drinking milk a pregnant woman benefits the body and is beneficial to the development of the fetus.Milk - foods rich in calcium and phosphorus - substances necessary for the full development of the developing child's skeletal system.In addition, the milk contains large amounts of trace elements, vitamins and protein, so it is useful and mom and future baby.

is worth noting that a similar benefit has natural milk, rather than what is sold in packets.It is made mainly from milk powder, and the value of the food product compared to the milk much more modest.


milk If there is at least one reason to ban milk is not worth the risk and take it for food.Otherwise, do not avoid the unpleasant consequences:

  • fermentation in the gut;
  • flatulence;
  • Diarrhea;
  • In the case of allergies - rashes and itching.

To avoid such symptoms pregnant women should pay attention to their diet.On this topic we recommend to read the article of our site - What You Can Eat pregnant, and what not.