Can pregnant women drink coffee ?

Can pregnant women drink coffee ?

nice to start the day with a cup of coffee, many people utro associated with the smell of coffee.But we have to give up some habits or change something in them to the next baby was born healthy during pregnancy.

whether coffee is harmful to pregnant women?

Caffeine gives a tonic effect, but can be harmful to health if drinking 5 cups of coffee daily.

Some women accompanied the entire pregnancy high blood pressure.In this case, you should immediately to completely abandon the drink, to avoid possible complications.

Scientists for decades can not come to a single opinion in the debate about whether it is possible for pregnant women to drink coffee.Some believe that caffeine penetrates through the placenta into the bloodstream of unborn baby, could not help but have a harmful effect on its development.Others believe, and almost all the studies show that the use of caffeine in moderation is no harm to the child will not be.

undoubtedly need to know about that coffee, especially with cream, milk and sugar is very nutritious.Therefore, it is necessary to remember that drinking coffee does not replace a full meal.Accordingly, it is largely for this reason that experts insist on the use of coffee pregnant just after a meal.

And here is another important aspect - the worst coffee helps the absorption of iron in the body.Thus, pregnant women who are trying to raise the level of hemoglobin, can not drink coffee.And those who are struggling with reduced pressure by caffeine, can recommend to deal with this problem with the help of well-chosen diet, sports, walks in the woods and just walk in the fresh air and taking vitamins.These measures will help to maintain good health throughout pregnancy and after it, and will be useful not only for the mother of pressure, but also for the baby's health.

Research scientists

at different times by different scientists performed many different studies on the safety or harm of coffee during pregnancy.There were interesting results of research scientists from Denmark.Scientists have tried to find out what is the amount of coffee you can drink during pregnancy without harm to their own health and the health of the unborn child

So much has been done to monitor the diets of pregnant women, Danish researchers concluded that pregnant women without adverse kakih-libothe consequences for himself and the future baby can drink up to three cups of coffee a day.It is the consumption of coffee and caffeine-containing beverages for the expectant mother does not threaten the early delivery and low birth weight of the newborn.

Referring to previous research, remember that some scientists do not see the harm small doses of caffeine, while others are still observed a decrease in the weight of newborns when used by pregnant coffee.

Scientists Denmark, in contrast to previous research, which conducted a survey of pregnant women, strictly observed the diet and lifestyle of pregnant and postpartum women.The study involved 1207 women.

essence of observation was as follows: half of the participants used in the last trimester of pregnancy, a normal instant coffee, and the rest drank decaffeinated coffee.During observations were taken into account periods of pregnancy and the approximate weight of the baby.It turned out that about three cups of coffee a day - absolutely normal number, but with a higher consumption of women need to be careful.

counting the results, the Danish researchers concluded that differences in weight infants in both groups there, the number of premature babies had a little more in the group of women treated with decaffeinated coffee.

How can pregnant women drink coffee?According to lead author Dr. Bodila Hammer Beck, the findings suggest that drinking up to three cups of conventional instant coffee per day is safe for pregnant women.

Why pregnant women should not drink coffee?Previous research scientists Beck group has shown that excessive consumption of coffee - more than nine cups a day - increases the risk of stillbirth.

Pregnant coffee, if a woman feels good, and watching the pregnancy the doctor did not reveal any health problems.But in any situation you must remember moderation.