Is it possible to drink during pregnancy?

Is it possible to drink during pregnancy?

No doctor will tell a pregnant woman, what dose of alcohol you can drink, so that it was safe for the child.He advises to refrain from the use of intoxicating beverages during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester of her.

possible to drink during pregnancy?This question will remain open, because it is unlikely there will be willing to experience the adverse effects of alcohol.There are several factors that affect the strength of the negative impact on the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus: pregnancy term, the frequency of alcohol consumption, the quantity and quality of the beverage.

Today, there are two answers to the question of whether it is possible to drink during pregnancy.Opponents of the use of alcohol during pregnancy adhere to a categorical "no."Others are more loyal, they believe that if you drink a little bit of quality alcohol, nothing terrible will happen.Adequate and there is a strong case for both sides.

Why can not drink?

Arguments of supporters of a strict rejection of alcohol is now clear, not all, but still full of common sense.It is proved that drinking alcohol in fully penetrates the blood-placental barrier into the bloodstream of the child.Whatever may have been the fortress drink, it contains alcohol, which has a damaging effect on nerve cells, especially in the highly differentiated cells of the cerebral cortex, responsible for higher nervous activity and behavioral reactions.And very often the changes you will notice only after a considerable period of time, for example, in primary school, or during puberty.And the relationship of the scattered attention, inattentiveness, aggressive behavior and received mom during pregnancy, a glass of beer or a couple of glasses of wine and no one would think, and my mother, and did not remember.This connection is impossible to trace!Therefore, for many women it seems far-fetched.

If conception has occurred "by degrees", the responsibility is distributed equally on both partners, as well as the fact that the parents are smokers.Dad Drinking alcohol almost immediately results in the fact that the reduced mobility of healthy sperm and egg fertilization can occur by sperm defect, a genetic breakdown, hence the child may appear and congenital diseases and malformations.

It often happens that a woman drinks, still unaware of the pregnancy.How to be then?In the first two weeks of actively dividing zygote is extremely sensitive to all the damaging factors and reacts to them according to the law: all or nothing.That is, if the alcohol concentration exceeded the permissible individually, the embryo dies and pregnancy spontaneously abort, and may not even know you about it.If the pregnancy, the alcohol is not has passed its destructive action, so you can relax.

Others say that all desires pregnant indicate that the body that something is missing, and the need to be satisfied.Many believe that a glass of good wine or a glass of weak beer after the first trimester of pregnancy does not harm child, because all the bodies and systems have already been established and is now growing.Yet do not forget that what goes into the body of a pregnant woman, certainly one way or another, and gets to her child, so if you feel the craving for alcohol, you better try to replace it with something harmless that you will be satisfied.

decide the question of whether it is possible to drink during pregnancy, should be the woman herself.But think about whether alcohol is a desire within nine months of great potential for severe consequences for the child to his life?Remember that the responsibility for their children's health and lies entirely on you!