Can pregnant sushi?

Can pregnant sushi?

Sushi - a very popular dish all over the world, and, more recently, it is considered fashionable, and in Russia.And old and young, pamper yourself sushi.Sometimes, no one weekend, the young companies, do not go without this treat.Some are preparing their homes, and others - go to special sushi bars.But if the woman became pregnant, and the land remained her favorite dish, the question arises: to eat or not to eat?There are several opinions on the account whether the land can be pregnant.As is known, with the advent of pregnancy, a girl should greatly limit myself, not to harm the unborn child.

opinion "against"

There are two opposing views on this subject.Pregnant women should be abandoned by the Japanese cuisine - so say the opponents of the dilemma about whether we can eat sushi for pregnant women.His position, they argue that in the raw fish, which is used in most Japanese dishes can be worms or other parasites.Since during pregnancy the body is weakened, the parasites can worsen your health, and harm to the fetus.Typically, worms absorb nutrients from the human body, and thus, parasites, do not allow the fetus to develop fully, and the expectant mother have to live a normal life.Infection of worms can damage the placenta, but it is through the blood, poisoning the body of a pregnant, and provokes the problems of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and, sometimes, and other organs (brain, eyes).

opinion "for"

Defenders Japanese delicacies say that if you want to, you can do it.Pregnant women will not harm the land, according to US obstetrician-gynecologists, because the freeze for 24 hours in fish kills all bacteria.And yet it is believed that parasites contain only land with the addition of meat lofolatilusa, shark, swordfish and mackerel.And so you can quite a few times a week, sushi feast.But stop!Where is the guarantee that the restaurant, where you go to unwind with my friends, it buys frozen fish, as well as adhere to all sanitary norms in its preparation?

Naturally, it is impossible to deny pregnant women also used the fish, because it contained healthy fats, and amino acids.But, take care of their health and lives of the future baby, and make your choice consciously.