Can pregnant watermelon ?

Can pregnant watermelon ?

Lifestyle and nutrition of pregnant women requires constant monitoring, attention and observance of certain rules.So it is necessary and essential for the development of a full and healthy baby.From some of the foods and drinks have to completely give up on the prenatal period, and others during pregnancy are beneficial and positive.Fruits and berries are of good quality must be present in the diet of the future mother, and whether pregnant watermelon?

What is contained in watermelon

wonderful melons has in its chemical composition of solid nutrients.Potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron, carotene, fructose and glucose, folic and ascorbic acids, and other vitamins.This list can replace half the drugs that are recommended for women during fetal development.Wondering whether there are pregnant watermelon, you know that you can, and note the following.It has a diuretic, tonic, choleretic, laxative, anti-inflammatory effect, normalizes metabolism.Quality watermelon certainly helpful, but like any diet expectant mother, the measure is necessary and simple safety rules.Can pregnant watermelon in case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract - no!It can cause stomach fermentation process, and as a consequence of diarrhea.Diarrhea creates a tone of the uterus, it is not necessary.

When watermelons real

Watermelon - commercial culture and the natural maturation it reaches the month of August.Everything that appears before it or berry foreign production, odorless, tasteless and creativity of our melon growers.By stimulating the ripening berries before they are, it adds a certain amount of chemicals and nitrates.Watermelon is all the reserves within themselves and none of it is not lost.Eating watermelon nitrate, can be greatly poisoned good health person, not to mention the body of a pregnant woman.Therefore, if there are doubts about whether eating watermelon pregnant until August - you can not!Take care of yourself and your baby.

Further, in order to avoid poisoning, do not buy sliced ​​watermelon and cut it at the point of sale.Visually inspect, check the density of the crust, no dents should not be.Tap on the crust or slightly squeeze a watermelon, he has echoed, a little jingle.Before use, carefully wash, cut the watermelon in the refrigerator.And always know the sense of proportion!