Can pregnant non-alcoholic beer ?

We often hear from friends, friends, relatives, or know from their own experience, that pregnant women appear uncontrollable desire to eat or drink a particular product.It is said that it is necessary to satisfy all the desires of the future mother.Of course, the diet of a pregnant should consist of healthy foods, and if you want something "harmful", is quite a bit you can.This may relate, for example, fatty fried foods, but not beer !!!Of course, there is a beer that does not contain alcohol, but whether it is possible for pregnant non-alcoholic beer?

medicine point of view

harmful to non-alcoholic beer to pregnant women with medical point of view?

  1. Non-alcoholic beer pregnant in danger, as it has in its composition substances and additives that may harm the fetus in early pregnancy.At this time, the child's internal organs and body systems are only being formed, therefore the use of non-alcoholic beer during pregnancy can affect their formation.
  2. Alcohol contained in the non-alcoholic beer.Its content is small (from 0.2% to 1.5%), but it is !!!And pregnant women should not drink alcohol in any quantity.Doctors say that even such a small amount of alcohol can adversely affect the fetus.Penetrating into the circulatory system of the fetus, alcohol can display their mutagenic properties.And it is dangerous for the baby's internal organs and systems.
  3. also the harm of alcohol (even in a small amount) may affect the child's weight.This is due to a decrease in hormone levels in the amniotic fluid.
  4. Statistics have shown that people are constantly using non-alcoholic beer, then feel an irresistible desire to drink beer containing more alcohol.By the way, no wonder non-alcoholic beer is contraindicated for people who have previously had an alcohol dependency.That is, even if the consumption of beer is not reflected in the unborn child, it does not mean that it will not have the propensity to alcoholism in adulthood.

So, it is clear as day that the non-alcoholic beer is harmful to pregnant women.But there is a way!If a pregnant woman feels an irresistible urge to experience the taste of beer, it can satisfy it by means of:

  • rye crackers;
  • brewer's yeast tablets;
  • seeds.

Dear Mom, more importantly, do not forget to consult this with the doctor!