How to connect the stove ?

How to connect the stove ?

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How to connect the stove?

In winter, when the outside temperature is below zero, to keep warm from the cold, you need to have the car built stove.Of course, all modern models are equipped with this device, but if suddenly your car heating system has malfunctioned, we will talk about how to connect the stove in good condition.

stove Choice

Stoves for cars divided into two categories, depending on the connection method:

  1. stoves, which are connected via the cigarette lighter;
  2. stoves, which are connected directly to the car heating system.

The first version is no different from an ordinary household heater.It consumes a lot of energy and are not very easy to manage - it will be impossible to set the parameters of regular means of the machine.

The second option is more economical in the future will be more convenient to use.In this embodiment, and stop.

Connecting stoves

Connection stove - a simple process, the main thing - to get acquainted with the instructions to connect at the time did not mess with hoses and wires.

  1. is necessary to put the stove so that you can conveniently place all hoses and wires to it;
  2. followed by the electrician to do.Power is only required for the oven fan.Black wire is recommended to be attached to the vehicle body (ground).The red wire should be connected to the relay, which is responsible for turning the stove and switching modes.Relay for greater convenience we recommend to place in the area of ​​the dashboard.Needless relay must be connected to the car battery.
  3. For this 87th wire should stretch under the pedals to the positive terminal of the battery;
  4. Now you need to connect the oven to the cooling system of the car.There are two ways to connect: series and parallel.Parallel connection is easier and does not require any special knowledge;
  5. We need to find a hose that goes to the main oven, and cut it in any place convenient for you.What follows is a place to connect the section using the proper size of the tee.The next step is to consolidate the position of the hose connections and tee clamps.The same operation should be done with a hose, which displays the antifreeze from the main stove;
  6. necessary to connect hoses that come complete with a stove, an oven and a very secure them with clamps;
  7. necessary to accurately carry out the hoses from the stove under the car floor mats, and bring them to the places where you have set the tees;
  8. necessary to connect the hoses to the tee using clamps.Be careful not to confuse the incoming and outgoing hoses;
  9. Now you only have to fill in the required amount of antifreeze to the full functioning of the heating system.

This stove connection process can be considered complete.Now you can enjoy a comfortable ride in any weather.

Practical tips for using the oven:

  • adjust the temperature in the cabin, you can use air dampers;
  • if there is no desire to buy branded tools for cleaning the stove using acetic acid, hydrochloric acid or "Silit";
  • if the salon for a long time warming up, check whether the air flow channels are clogged.

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