How to connect the turn signals ?

Not very long ago, motorists have devised a way that makes them stand out from the total mass of the car - setting the marker lights in the Headlights.This simple procedure of external tuning.It is also possible not only to perform the exchange of these lamps with each other, but also to duplicate one or the other.

Before you learn how to properly connect yourself to the size indicator, you must know that in this laid penalties.Permission is due to the fact that confusion with the lights can enter other participants dorozhdnogo movement astray.Therefore, this procedure is prohibited by authorities of the State Automobile Inspection.

from road traffic fines following system:

  • ordinary citizens pay 2.5 thousand rubles;
  • officials will pay 15 to 20 thousand rubles:
  • legal same person for such violation will pay a whopping fines - from 400 to 500 thousand rubles.

addition to fines happening equipment confiscated.At the same time the vehicle is prohibited to use, and the license plates removed.Therefore, as you can see, the punishment for this tuning is quite strict.Doing this will be at your own risk.

How to install parking lights turn signals in

So, how to connect the turn signals?To install these lights, we need the light bulb with two filaments, LED two-contact, soldering, adhesive tape and, of course, the wire.Starting procedure:

  1. Paving the parking light wire to the cap.
  2. carry out light bulbs replaced.
  3. Next we connect the wires to the lights.With the help of a soldering iron soldering perform:
    • first wire - minus one common to both position lamps;
    • second - positive lead marker lights;
    • third - positive lead turning lights:
  4. Next we need to connect the wires to the headlights themselves:
    • connect minus minus swivel headlights;
    • positive lead from the paws connect well with a plus swivel headlights;
    • second positive lead connects to the positive side marker lights.
  5. Screw on wire insulation and laid them.
  6. Check operation of lights.In this case, less bright parking lights will illuminate and brighten - swivel.

If the light double-ended, that is, the ability to select a different color - not white, but, for example, the yellow lights to each other are not merged.However, remember that you can get a fine for such activity.But if you're ready, then your car will look original.

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